MY Great DIY Attempt

Like I mentioned in previous posts, my mind is going on an overdrive. I get inspired by a lot of things and the result is I have so much energy and so many lists of things to do I feel my two hands, one body and the 24 hours in the day just isn’t enough.

So, the only logical thing to do is start doing and ticking off those things on my list. NOW.

My mind is dictating that my hands do something. Anything. And so I looked for my guinea pig. Walking to and fro in our home sweet home, my eyes settled on the okay-but-not-fab- looking accent chair we picked up at Bangkal in Evangelista last year.


And I began to work. Armed with a few meters of cloth of choice, my trusty staple gun and the hard-to-find brand of spray paint my DIY online idols love, I'm set.

But the moment I stripped off its fabric and saw the sad state inside, my triumphant smile left my face. I concluded it’s a job meant for a pro. Or maybe something I can tackle on when I’m more confident of my wood working skills. For now, it will remain as it is. A skeleton.

Jared on the chair before I took it away

In a sad, sorry state

So, I decided to look for my next 'victim' because I can't let the afternoon pass without celebrating a DIY success. No, I can't accept failure. Not when I cried so husband will buy me my staple gun.

I pranced to and fro again and zeroed in on the dining room area.

It was at this moment my dear husband became deathly afraid.

This set was his favorite and I am about to dismantle it.

After a mere 20 minutes, I came out victorious. It was so easy! And I proceeded to show the world my success by posting it on FB.

It was a good week when I tackled on the rest of the chairs and every single one came out perfectly. No picture of the full set because of my camera issues.

One good discovery: I never knew I had it in me. To be a DIY Diva. =)
Fuelled by this success, I am all too excited to start my next project.

Before I get too carried away, here it is. My lovely, lovely chair with a before and after and a close up shot.

To my dear husband. Yes you can still retain that look. I will really paint our kitchen.

Another look at the chair before I end this post


Madam Misis Mummy said...

huwaw! I love it!
what kind of cloth did you buy?
and how much na ang staple gun nowadays?

ivymarasigan said...

great start! ang saya saya kaya mag DIY at mag make over ng bahay. hehe. good luck sa susunod mong projects :)

Nicole said...

Great job Leslie! Same question as Maqui on the cloth please =)

Got to Believe said...

hi maquui and nicole,

if i remember correctly, the lady said japanese cotton. botught it at atc. medyo limited collection and a bit more expensive. sa didvi i bought cloth din na pwede for upholstery at would you believe 30/yd? maganda din sya.

ivy-naku i remember your post on painting your dining set. i'm itching to paint a lot of items white in our house.

i'm refinishin a lot og other stuff, hopefully, matapos na so i can post.

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