My Little Drummer Boy

I'm still catching my breath from all the Christmas parties, reunions and preparations and 'til now, I haven't wrapped all the gifts yet. It'll be another hectic week, until the New Year. Our son though is still enjoying his gifts, his new toys, us being home more often. But he is also enjoying all the little things that make a child's eyes wild with excitement, like his old, broken toy drum.

Merry Christmas!


3 years ago

three years ago, we decided to stick it out through thick and thin, made our vows and sealed it with a kiss.

we both know it won't always honeys and roses, but we were prepared.

thank you for being my partner in everything.

happy anniversary!


SM Supercenter Las Pinas Breastfeeding Room

Having another mall in an already congested and perpetually traffic city is a bane to many, but if there is one good thing about the new SM Supercenter along Alabang-Zapote Road,it's their nice breastfeeding room.

Breastfeeding moms today have an easier time as breastfeeding is slowly getting the attention it so deserves and malls are providing at least one room where moms like me can feed their hungry kids in comfort (not luxurious by any means, but give me a couch where I can sit and I call that in comfort already).

The breastfeeding room is located at the upper ground level, near the entrance to the supermarket.As with most SM malls, you enter the room that doubles as a clinic, too. Then, another door opens to the actual breastfeeding room.

There are two one seater upholstered seats. Harder than most couches but very clean and nice looking.

While you are seated, the area on the left is a sort of changing table for babies. We'll just a flat surface. A sink would be very much appreciated here (better with soap, alcohol and tissue or wipes), very useful during nappy times.

It's a small space. Smaller than the breastfeeding room at Megamall and Southmall but a bit bigger than the one in MOA but it's spotless, the way rooms of this kind should be.

I wish more moms would actually use the rooms so SM will think of improving it some more.


Mommy Moment: My Mommy Moment

Here's a special picture of our mother and son bonding moment, ala Johnson's commercial.

Join us at MM!

Mommy Moments: Chore Time

Warning: This MM entry is at least 2 weeks late.

Jared likes movement. He is constantly moving: walking, running, looking under sofas, checking his toy bin and the list goes on and on. He particularly likes the movement of the broom and will try to grab it from whoever is holding one.

The above pictures were taken in our yet to be painted house then. I'm happy to report that the painting is ongoing now. I'll post pics next time.

Hope I won't be this late in the next MM.


Trial Class at Mindbuilders Preschool

Jared is at the stage where he loves having playmates around. He loves running after kids bigger than him. Except for a few kids in the neighborhood, which he doesn't see or play with everyday, he only has me, his dad, his tati (tita), lolas and yaya around.
So, when a free trial class for toddlers was offered, we grabbed to chance to see how Jared will interact with kids close to his age.

The school was Mindbuilders Preschool, along Tropical Avenue in BF Paranaque. We were met by a very friendly and charming Teacher Mara. Jared attended the 1 1/2 to 3 years class.

wanting to get under the blanket... without the cue yet from Teacher Mara. Mommy trying hard to restrain him.

playing with the hoops

story time. he wanted to walk around while the rest were gathered in a circle around teacher mara

he followed teacher here, yey! and actually crawled through the makeshift hoops tunnel

the kids are ready to sing the goodbye song, while jared seems ready to sleep

My verdict? My son might be a little too small/young to attend school yet. We'll try again by summer of next year.


Grocery Shopping with a Toddler

I've recently been to the grocery, with a very energetic toddler in tow. Here are some of my tips to make your time at the grocery a smooth one.

1. Do not bring a stroller. This applies when you don't have another adult with you. It takes a herculean effort pushing a squirming toddler in his stroller and a cart load of groceries at the same time. Place toddler on the cart but always keep an eye on him as they like to stand... or grab things on the shelves.
2. Make sure toddler is not hungry. Give him his snack right before you leave the house. Better yet, bring milk.
3. If you're going to take more than a few minutes, it might be best to bring a toy, lest he gets bored.
4. If he gets really bored, just allow him to help mommy push the cart. It will keep his mind off wandering around the place.
It was definitely an experience I will remember, and something I'm probably not doing again in a long time. =)

Happy Monday!


A lot on my mind

It has been a good two weeks since my last post, I know. But a lot has been going on. We are having our house painted-finally! And the kitchen is also in the works. We had a nice weekend at Sofitel and Jared is as active and as curious as ever.

While I try to organize my thoughts and sort through the photos, I am posting a picture of Jared's first carousel ride.

Have a good Tuesday!


The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It must be the Chinese ancestry, my mom's father being pure chinese, that runs in us motivating me and my sister in our pursuit of ultimate financial freedom -- this sentence is nice on the ears, right? haha. You see, Angkong was a runaway. He left Amoy at 17 with his brother to try his luck in a foreign land. He then set up a store where he met my grandmother, mamang. Their love story though merits another post so I'll reserve that more lengthy story for another time.

Back to the topic. When I was in HS, I sold chocolate bars to my classmates. My sister did the same thing when she was in HS, seven years after me.

In 2003, we started a joint venture. I designed statement tees, long before it was the rage. And my sister sold reversible bags she made herself. We didn't make much but it taught us hard work and the value of money.

Our humble little booth at the ATC, near Mardrigal

Now, my sister is behind Princessweds, home of beautiful of bridal accessories, and I of The Party Village, that caters to everything you'll need when hosting a party.

We invite you to head on over to our sites. There might be something there that you'd like.


Mommy Moments: Sporty Day

mommy momentsToday's Friday and what better way to greet the start of the weekend that by joining this week's Mommy Moments.

At 19months, our son's favorite is playing ball. Basketball, football... just didn't bring my other camera today so no pic yet. But will post these later.

Another fave is wrestling. With his dad, thankfully.

He has only begun recently to enjoy the water. Sidenote: from 14 months to a few weeks ago, he absolutely hated having to get his hair wet. It was a struggle shampooing his hair. I don't know what made him change his mind, but he loves bath time now, and yes, even the shampoo part. This pic was taken during his first pool foray. We're scheduled to stay at Sofitel at the end of this month and will be sure to take plenty of photos.

Have a great weekend, everyone. If you have a minute, view the entries of other moms here.


Why we chose to use cloth diapers

We also use disposable diapers, when we go out of the house and at night but during the day, our son is most comfortable with a lampin or cloth diaper. We bought about 4 dozen lampins before I have birth, and we've been using them for 19 months now, and counting.

I read that a disposable diaper takes 500 years before it biodegrades. That is a very long time! All the more reason to think about how many one baby uses before he is fully potty trained. At least we've cut his consumption to almost half. We've cut our earthly diaper trash to half.


Halloween Past and Present

And by past and present, I just meant this year and last year.

Here is Jared last year at 6 months old. As an excited mom (make that super excited), he had a total of 3 costumes. He first wore this pumpkin romper matched with skull studded baby legs. He rocks here.

Then for the actual trick or treat at the office, he was one of snow white's dwarfs.

Unfortunately, I can't find his picture wearing the plush dalmatian costume. It was too hot to wear anyway, even with the aircon on.

Now at 1 1/2, he already has a mind of his own and absolutely refused to wear his batman costume. Instead of making him cry by insisting he don the cape and all, I let him be. I want him happy and comfortable for the party.
Now, I wonder what he'll come as to the party next year. An astronaut maybe?


My Sick Baby

This is the reason behind my lack of posts for the past two weeks.

Jared had infantum roseola, or more commonly known as tigdas hangin. We were at the hospital ER a total of 4 times, just to make sure that it was not dengue. They could not rule it out and it became a frustration for me. I don't want to take risks, or be complacent, especially when it comes to by baby's health.

It was only when we finally brought him to his pedia (who only has a clinic in Paranaque on Sundays-- the rest of the week he is at TMC) that we were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. One look at our son and he immediately said, tigdas hangin.

We would not even smile with worry those 4 days but here is Jared, still all happy, with spots on his face and all.

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