Missing out on Milestones

Being with my son for the past 5 days (weekend + 3 work days) made me realize how much he has grown and is now his own person. He gets frustrated easily, plays with several toys at the same time (oh, he looks like his dad but is more of me in attitude) and he is an affectionate and articulate little boy. Reviewing his pictures and making a pact to have them all printed soon, I found this from our Baguio trip with him smiling, showing the lower front tooth that fell off the early part of this year. I didn't even get to blog about that important milestone where he felt like a "big boy" now that the baby teeth are being replaced by permanent ones. Fast forward to August, he now has 3 permanent teeth, not one needing tooth extraction. Yey for cost savings and louder yey for another benefit of breastfeeding! I love you my little boy and mom's gonna miss you when I return to work.



It all started with a dress. It was a black, flowy dress with cutouts that made me feel beautiful. I had nowhere to go to that would need such an outfit.

Good thing it was July and it was the perfect excuse to celebrate our 13th year of being together. Sometimes, I feel we've been together for so long already, and yet I can still remember the day I said (or maybe texted) my sweetest yes.

The husband made the reservations, and all I had to do was show up and wear my dress.

Documenting the night failed as I forgot to bring the digicam and thus, these are phone cams that didn't really capture how nice it was at the Skydeck of Bayleaf Hotel.

from where we were seated

Nice view, serene evening. Made me forgot for a while we are at the heart of

1st try at a couple pic

2nd try. No, we didn't even attempt a 3rd

See you again, soon Bayleaf! Nice for a romantic dinner, or after office drinks. So near our offices, too.

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