Visit the National Museum and be Awed

Can't believe that at 36, I have never even stepped inside the National Museum! Such a pity when this
place is a few cartwheels away from my high school, and my office of almost 15 years.

October was National Galleries month and entrance to the two museums which we visited: the Museum of the Filipino People, and the National Gallery was free! But even if I have to pay the full entrance of I think P150 each, I would have gladly paid given that the facilities in my opinion were well- maintained and it really was, without a tinge of sarcasm here, a treasure waiting to be discovered.

I wouldn't recommend it to  families with small children. Well, maybe a few sections will be okay for kids, like this Climate Change area where we get to admire the nice set up and write our own pledge to save mother earth.

We got to see interesting things such as stuffed animals, jars, and solid wood doors.

Tried our hand at Baybayin --which if you look at it, is really quite simple.

There are various sections like the San Diego galleon exhibit.

Sculptures and paintings.

 And this series of paintings on medicine by Botong Francisco.

Even the door handles are by Abueva!

These are two of the most photogenic rooms.

But nothing prepared me for this: the Spolarium.

Granted I am not really an expert on painting, this massive display just sort of looks at you, wherever you are in the room. I spent a good 10 minutes just looking, and looking and looking.

Generally, adults will appreciate this better. We sure did, as part our our Art Appreciation department activity.

Go and visit our museums at least once in your life.
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