Team Building at Phillip's Sanctuary, Antipolo

I have to hand it to this company: even before team buildings became a popular activity for companies, I was already climbing trees, traversing thin wires and jumping from the air while shouting my commitment to the organization.

Thank goodness for good facilitators, strong harnesses and the bravado of youth, I am still here. Aching joints, 30 lbs heavier and all, I'm still glad I was part of something that tested my personal limits.

This year, we had the team building in the hills of Antipolo at Phillip's Sanctuary.

Being kids again in the swings. Little did I know this smile will be replaced by aching joints and a grimace the day after. =)

One of the first activities: the Log Jam. Thankfully, I'm not a part of this game as they needed only 6 members. Our team of 8 fielded all the 5 boys and the strongest girl and we finished 1st in this race. There I am (in an orange cap) observing.

Forgot the name of this activity. You have to link hands with your teammates and go around the tire. It looks easy... but man, it will kill your back. =)

This is the last activity for the Easy Round. Put together the wooden blocks and planks to cross the "acid river".

I am one of the least athletic people I know so I own zero athletic clothes. I had yoga pants and exercise shirts from that time long ago when I would occasionally go to the gym, but they don't fit anymore. Truth was, I had to buy practically my whole outfit for this event. The pants and the shirt were recent purchases. I don't own a backpack or a sling bag so where did I think of placing my bottled water, shades and cap? Just who would think of bringing a gold bag during team buildings, right? =) And I had to cross a very long hanging bridge with this distraction on my shoulder.

This is a defining moment for me. That is a 10 ft wall that I had to climb up to go over the other side. With 2 skinny kids  pulling me, I stepped on my poor shoulders of a team mate, who hoisted all my 135 lb frame up. Not the easiest task at all. And pardon the behind which is a sore reminder that I need to lose at least 15 lbs soon.

This is my most unglamorous shot during the 2 day event. Hahahahha. Head first onto the other side.

Our group stayed at big nipa huts, no aircon, no beds. It was just mattresses on the floor and they also provided blankets. What a refreshing change! It was not hot at all, it was a lot colder than I expected. Good thing, I brought out a  scarf which doubled as my second blanket.

Because this was fairly stable, it was easy to cross this log after climbing up and down that web behind me.

Then you go through this tunnel

To emerge victorious.... and full of mud!

The mud was soon washed away as the next activity was going down very fast (hence no picture) a long slide, and you dip into murky waters after.

The place is beautiful.

This is the small pool, night swimming is allowed from 6-9 pm only.

You cross charming mini wooden bridges.

This one is a breather from the other activities. Rowing this raft was quite relaxing and the dipping my feet into the cool man-made lake was refreshing.

I never knew I could row but I did pretty well here.

There goes the butt again!!!

This is the easy part. This is the spider web.

Ah, tension wire, we meet again!

This is the only activity where I said "Pass". After seeing one too many take the plunge below. =)

Now, the hard part didn't end with the activities. Going home, since the bus was parked far from the camp, we did an uphill climb.

It was 1 1/2 days with no phone signal. Too bad I did not have pictures on the mud slide and the zipline but those two were fun, too!

Next in line, our summer outing!


lamoo said...

Hi, I kinda need some action photos taken at Phillip's Sanctuary. I was wondering if I could use the photos you have on your blog? (Yours are the best I could find on the net. Good Job!)

Got to Believe said...

hi lamoo,

where will the photos be used? pls email me at leslieladan@gmail.com


bernadette dio said...

hi :) can I ask how much do you spend there? thank you

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