6th Birthday Celebration: Around Singapore Day 3, Singapore Zoo

A few months after our 2006 wedding, the husband and I visited Singapore and had the greatest time. My favorite was our day at the Zoo.

Because he loved Manila Zoo so much, I just know the zoo trip is an absolute must.

We scheduled this visit on a weekday. After an MRT and a convenient bus ride after, we arrived to our destination on a semi-cloudy morning. 

Dressed in long pants because I was afraid of mosquito bites. Every inch of our exposed skin was doused with insect repellant because you can never be too sure.

After the requisite picture by the entrance above,  we started our day of exploration and wonderful discoveries.

Get a map. The place is huge and you need to strategize. Be at the right place at the right time.

Check the show and animal feeding schedules.

At one of the shows in Waterworld

With grandma while waiting for the Polar Bear feeding

If you don't have an unlimited tram pass, this can save you maybe kilometers of aimlessly walking. And please wear comfortable shoes, apply sunscreen and this is what I forgot, bring hats!

Our ticket only included one free tram ride

Unless of course you are a happy bouncing rabbit like this one
I love my Canon G15! Look at these photos. I'm getting the hang of taking better pictures. 

 Almost giving up with the heat, I almost asked, no wait, begged the boys to  go home. Good thing, we passed by a group of tourists and curiously looked at what the commotion was.

This is an experience that's hard to beat. We fed a herd (is that the proper term?)of rhinos! A basket of fruits is $10 but look at that sheepish smile on his face. He does that when he's extremely pleased with himself.

Still feeling a bit scared here. I mean, even I was afraid. These are really big animals.

Daddy giving a little push

How many times in your life can you feed a rhino? They look fierce but all gums and no teeth.  This must be one of the highlights of our trip.

We love Singapore Zoo!


Teaching this old dog some new tricks

The dog is me, and yes it's not easy. But don't let age keep you from learning new things. The fountain of youth's magic is to always challenge yourself, and age doesn't have anything to do with that.

So, last year, I finally did some self enrichment. First I had to convince the boys to take me to Greenhills. There I handled a pointed object dipped in ink. I took up calligraphy lessons.

Everything is so light and airy and pretty, including The Inkscribbler herself! I have not written anything with an effort to make it nice in so many years. My handwriting now, at best, is okay and legible so I was understandably nervous.

In a twist of roles, it was the boy who brought the mom to her class. Met my teacher and shook her hand.

It was an interesting few hours. Calligraphy is a beautiful art but I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near beautiful.
If there's one thing I learned, practice weighs a lot here and it's a reminder that I have to unearth my nib again.

shaky hands make for shaky letters

Go and take new lessons! Yes, even if you're not a student on summer vacation.

Learn and explore this summer


When in Baguio, Eat!

The Baguio trip was to be a food trip for me. I must have scoured all the blogs out there looking for recommendations and happy food discoveries in Baguio.

My goal was to find and eat at at least 10 of the most recommended places.

Alas, we only got to experience:

Pizza Volante
Located along bustling Session Road, it seemed to be popular with students. The first floor only has a few tables and the 2nd floor was too cramped for families. Order the pizzas and you'll be okay. I deviated from what they were known for, hoping to warm my tummy with soup one night. FAIL! Stick to pizzas. =)

After dinner, we decided to get coffee and cake at Vizcos, known for their strawberry shortcake. I prefer denser cakes, but those who like light, fluffy cakes will like this better.

Cafe by the Ruins
I made it a point we eat at this landmark resto so the meet up with our old friends I subtly suggested to be here.

Hoard this kamote bread when you go to Baguio.

Ketchup Food Community
Read a lot of good reviews so this is a must try. We went too late and most of the offerings at Happy Tummy weren't available anymore, and Canto was closed for renovation. There really is reason to go back soon.

Happy Tummy's Tilapia in tamarind sauce

Next time, I need to eat at:

The Manor
Rose Bowl
Oh, my Gulay --- went up and down Session Road looking for this and finally found it-- right after it closed for the night. Arrggghhh!!!!
Hill Station


The True Staycation

And this is the true staycation-- staying at home!

The days leading to the long weekend proved stressful for me with the news of water and a possible power outage. And in one of the hottest periods of the year, too.  We prepped by buying paper plates (yes, no water is a great inconvenience so while I may be an earth warrior most times, we needed to be more practical in those few days also), putting up our water tank again and filling it with water, and me--well, I almost booked ourselves in a nearby hotel because the thought of no water and no electricity is simply just too much.

Good thing I promised myself I will wait until the last minute and if Friday rolls in and we don't have both-then that's the time to pack our bags and leave the house.

Thankfully, we didn't have to hie off to the comforts of a hotel. The water service resumed on Thursday night.

So, our vacations days at home were filled with lounging around and doing the art of nothing. My mind is usually going overboard with a million and one things I want to do at work and the many projects I want to start, continue or finish in the house.

That Thursday, we started a little tradition of going to 7 churches for the Visita Iglesia. The last time we did this, it was only the two of us and we were praying to be blessed by a child. Now, we already have our son with us. A 6 year old who walked, read and prayed with us.

At the Parish of the Five Wounds, our first stop

They placed the Stations at the park

Ended the Visita Iglesia at 7.30 pm. The boy was hungry!

His preschool was non-sectarian and he is at the stage where he is fascinated by science and has read and watched how the earth was formed by explosions and all that. So now, explaining this was a bit tricky, especially the Resurrection part where Christ died and lived again. His expected reply was "That is so impossible, Mom! You cannot die and live again!." We have a few important things to learn and discuss this summer.

As Easter Sunday rolled, we literally felt alive again. The rest did us good.

Easter Sunday

At 6 , I thought we graduated already from this so I prepared sugar cookies for us to decorate.

Of course after I've prepared the dough and the icing ingredients, he declared what he really wants is to the decorate eggs. And so be it.

Good thing we have all the materials on hand

And it didn't end with the painting. Of course, we have to hide and then find them.

We ended our vacation with a visit to the village park and a short photo session with the full cast. The dad and son a.k.a. main actors, the mom as stylist/photographer and refreshments girl and Amanda the dog as herself. =)

On the way to the park

Starting the climb

Tested his agility

Learned how to propel himself with his legs

Mom and son bonding

Then, they played hide and seek

And all too soon, it was time to go home.

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