My 3 Year Old Gave Me a Pop Quiz

I am so over quizzes, especially surprise ones, but last Sunday's pop quiz was a surprise I welcomed.

At 5 am, Jared woke me up with...

Jared: (whispering into my ear) Mommy, what's the sound of the goat?
Mommy: (groggy) Huh?
J: What's the sound of the goat?
M: (finally getting up) Mee, mee
J: Very good, mommy!

Mommy prepares to go back to sleep

J: What's the sound of the lion?
M: grrr!

J: What's the sound of the train?

and it went on an on

Then, the lesson turned to his current favorite: opposites

J: What's the oppop (it sounds like oppop when he's saying it quickly, otherwise he can say opposite fine) of short?
M: Long
J: No, what's the oppop of short?
M: (thinks... hmm, di ba long naman?)
J: Mommy, the oppop of short is tall
And on it went... he already knows a lot of words and their opposites, and he understands their concept as well. I'll blog about that soon.

I get to answer his questions until this last one which got me stumped.

J: Mommy, what's the oppop of sheep?


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