Halloween 2010: I am Jin Kazama

First of all,a month ago, I do not have an inkling who Jin Kazama is.
Jared was supposed to be Naruto, he who wore the orange taekwondo-like uniform.

But the mommy that I am, I serched for more unique ideas of who Jared can come as in this year's halloween party with a cosplay theme.

Then, sadness settled when Cargins (they made Jared's 1st Halloween costume: a dwarf outfit), the maker of the fab cosplay costumes turned me down as I was too late again in ordering.

Then, Partyboosters was fully booked already. They made Jared's sailor outfit for his 1st birthday party.

So that became a big problem.

Then I got to know the Jin Kazama. The evil Jin Kazama to be exact.
And I found a store at SM Manila who does airbrush.

Here's my peg on the costume

So, may I present my son, this year's Jin Kazama (complete with the hair, c/o Mommy)
Jin kazama with the wonderful abs and the fierce pants with flames and chains. Arm bands c/o his Tati who spent half the night fashioning this pair out from some sort of cloth.

Jin Kazama happily eating an oreo

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