Chooze Shoes for Summer

An unfortunate event turns out to something wonderful. Is this what you call serendipity?

One weekend, during a routine visit to a mall based clinic, the doctor unfortunately was already on vacation. With time in our hands, I went to a few stores looking for comfortable summer shoes for our soon to be 5 year old. He had already declined a pair of Tom's with the skull design I find so adorable.

While checking the window display of our fave kiddie stores (Jared, here's a little trivia: one of your mom's dream job is to be a store window display designer), I was intrigued by this display.

Hmmm, nice design. Love the robots! I am in love with the robot theme for Mossimo this season but the sizes are mostly for toddlers which is just too bad for us.

What made it stand out was the complementary design, each shoe is a tad different from the other!

What's important though, aside from the fact the salesperson said Angeline Jolie's kids wear the brand ( hahaha, I'm a sucker for sales stories like this), is that it's so easy to put on ( slip on design) and the soles are so comfortable but the cloth part so sturdy looking, that I felt it is a match to the rumble and tumble it will get from an active boy.

After checking ebay and amazon for the price, and seeing it is surprisingly sold higher at amazon, I went ahead and bought the pair.

Now, my son happily wears them, both in and out of the house.

Looking forward to taking this pair of shoes everywhere this summer!!

On my Birthday

Even if I wanted it to be an easy day at work, it was busy, but in a happy, positive way

I was surprised with 2 bouquets of flowers and felt like a true blue beauty queen

Had lunch and my fill of nachos, liempo, salad but passed on the giant burger

Went home to a seafood feast with family

I realized as you get older, birthdays tend to get more simple, but a lot more meaningful. That day, I basked in the love of family and friends and really cannot ask for anything more.

The big event happens next week when little boy turns 5!


My Birthday Post

Tomorrow is my birthday. This year, I am gifting myself with something very dear to my heart.
I did a re-design of this 4 year-old blog of mine. It grew and is still growing with me and my little family of three. Looking back at my posts, I am thankful that I made the decision to document  in this blog back in 2009.

The look I chose is simple, festive and celebratory. My sentiments as I approach the getting-older-and-definitely-better mid 30s, and the mindset I want to maintain as I read and reread my entries: that my life, despite the everyday challenges all of us have to face, is one well-blessed by the love of family and friends, one that is peppered with good memories, one that should be lived fully.

Cheers for this blog's new look, for my 36 years in this world, and for the many good things that is yet to come!

On God
Jared calls me at the office
J: Mom, Tati and I are talking
M: About what?
J: About God and phlegm (ahhh, this got me confused!)

On his mom being vain
M: Jared,  do you think mom is pretty?
J: (without missing a beat) You are pretty-ful mom!

Holy Week
At church on Palm Sunday
J: Look Grandma, God is there (pointing to the door at the altar)
J: (whispering, as if talking to himself) Why are there many gods ba? (referring to the priests and altar boy positioned near that door)

His nightime prayer
J: Jesus, please protect our house and keep it healthy. Please send the SOCO and the barangay to watch our house.
On ambition
At the hospital
Nurse: Do you want to be a doctor, baby?
J: Ummm, I want to be an ambulance (driver)


Summer Plans

Ahh, summer is here and I am not ready yet!

Well, I don't think my body will be ever ready to tackle summer fashion but I can be ready with activities for my 4, almost 5-year old.

Here's my partial list on how to make this summer memorable for my boy.

1. Fly a kite
2. Go barefoot
3. Hike up a hill- check
4. Run with pet in the park- check
5. Sport the semi kalbo look
6. Bake, bake, bake
7. Bike at the park
8. Go fishing
9. Visit a river or spring
10. Go on a picnic
11. Take swimming lessons again
12. Be a kiddie crew at his fave fast food- will happen soon!
13. Tell him stories of how we spent our summer vacation as kids
14. Pick a fruit or vegetable from the tree or plant
15. Wash the car at home using the good old fashioned sponge and a pail of sudsy water

Quite a list for 2 months, right? I'm excited how many we can check off our list by June 1st.

All About Me

This past three weeks had been all about me. I figured, I owe it to myself to pamper the stressed and overworked me that I had been neglecting.

Just the past 3 weeks alone, I availed of a foot reflex home service 3x and a pampering foot pedicure at a nail salon once. This is saying a lot since I can go on months without a decent pedicure.

So, for my birthday, I am exercising the lyrics "to love myself is the greatest love of all"

And that is so true. This is the most relaxed I've been in almost half a year. And I am thoroughly enjoying it.

If you need spa at home services in the South, I recommend Spa to Go.

Cheese is the life!


Express Shopping

Last Friday, I went out during the lunch break with a solid mission: to replace the ill fitting jeans I was wearing that day. It dawned on me that I don't have jeans I can pull out of my closet that will be both comfortable and great looking. I have some that look great but can hardly breathe in, while the comfortable ones make me look I was 10 more pounds heavier than I already was.

So, since I vowed to age gracefully, and my birthday is a only a few days away, this shopping trip is a fulfillment of that promise to myself and an early birthday gift as well.

My shopping was done in 20 minutes where I got 2 really reasonably-priced, very comfortable and great fitting jeans (plus a top) in one store. Kashieca was one store I have not visited in a long time so I was surprised they have jeans that hug and hide my assets and flaws perfectly. If you have a pear- shaped body like mine, they might be worth a visit.

Anyway, here's my loot. Happy, happy birthday to me.


Team Building at Phillip's Sanctuary, Antipolo

I have to hand it to this company: even before team buildings became a popular activity for companies, I was already climbing trees, traversing thin wires and jumping from the air while shouting my commitment to the organization.

Thank goodness for good facilitators, strong harnesses and the bravado of youth, I am still here. Aching joints, 30 lbs heavier and all, I'm still glad I was part of something that tested my personal limits.

This year, we had the team building in the hills of Antipolo at Phillip's Sanctuary.

Being kids again in the swings. Little did I know this smile will be replaced by aching joints and a grimace the day after. =)

One of the first activities: the Log Jam. Thankfully, I'm not a part of this game as they needed only 6 members. Our team of 8 fielded all the 5 boys and the strongest girl and we finished 1st in this race. There I am (in an orange cap) observing.

Forgot the name of this activity. You have to link hands with your teammates and go around the tire. It looks easy... but man, it will kill your back. =)

This is the last activity for the Easy Round. Put together the wooden blocks and planks to cross the "acid river".

I am one of the least athletic people I know so I own zero athletic clothes. I had yoga pants and exercise shirts from that time long ago when I would occasionally go to the gym, but they don't fit anymore. Truth was, I had to buy practically my whole outfit for this event. The pants and the shirt were recent purchases. I don't own a backpack or a sling bag so where did I think of placing my bottled water, shades and cap? Just who would think of bringing a gold bag during team buildings, right? =) And I had to cross a very long hanging bridge with this distraction on my shoulder.

This is a defining moment for me. That is a 10 ft wall that I had to climb up to go over the other side. With 2 skinny kids  pulling me, I stepped on my poor shoulders of a team mate, who hoisted all my 135 lb frame up. Not the easiest task at all. And pardon the behind which is a sore reminder that I need to lose at least 15 lbs soon.

This is my most unglamorous shot during the 2 day event. Hahahahha. Head first onto the other side.

Our group stayed at big nipa huts, no aircon, no beds. It was just mattresses on the floor and they also provided blankets. What a refreshing change! It was not hot at all, it was a lot colder than I expected. Good thing, I brought out a  scarf which doubled as my second blanket.

Because this was fairly stable, it was easy to cross this log after climbing up and down that web behind me.

Then you go through this tunnel

To emerge victorious.... and full of mud!

The mud was soon washed away as the next activity was going down very fast (hence no picture) a long slide, and you dip into murky waters after.

The place is beautiful.

This is the small pool, night swimming is allowed from 6-9 pm only.

You cross charming mini wooden bridges.

This one is a breather from the other activities. Rowing this raft was quite relaxing and the dipping my feet into the cool man-made lake was refreshing.

I never knew I could row but I did pretty well here.

There goes the butt again!!!

This is the easy part. This is the spider web.

Ah, tension wire, we meet again!

This is the only activity where I said "Pass". After seeing one too many take the plunge below. =)

Now, the hard part didn't end with the activities. Going home, since the bus was parked far from the camp, we did an uphill climb.

It was 1 1/2 days with no phone signal. Too bad I did not have pictures on the mud slide and the zipline but those two were fun, too!

Next in line, our summer outing!


How to Take Vanity Shots

These are not the proper way because I can barely see my face here. I am posting them just the same because I still had the pregnancy glow here. I was still pregnant and was proud that I put on makeup nicely.

Hope to capture that same glow again... hopefully soon.


Clay you can Eat: Homemade Clay

First, prepare the ingredients
See, even kids can do it. Just mix, mix, mix!
Continue mixing
It will start looking like this
Ah, this is fun!!!
Is this really clay, mom?
Knead the clay to the right consistency
This is something good for moms with toddlers who are fond of eating or tasting everything in sight. 

We tried one homemade recipe of clay but that involved actual cooking. This is a better activity since all you need to do is measure and mix.

Just mix flour, salt, water, oil, cream of tartar and koolaid. The latter gives the clay color and a nice smell. So if kids accident ally eats this, it basically is just salty flour.

Knead and enjoy!

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My Trusty Travel Companions

When I was younger, I used to be all about form. As you grow older, I realized function is slowly taking over. I'd like to believe I  am now wiser when I purchase things and it makes my heart doubly happy when I see form and function together.

Like my trusty travel companions. I found this Samsonite vogan bag, being lightweight and made of sturdy nylon, a good alternative to the Long champ bag. It is priced  cheaper than  an LC, too.I was tempted to get this in red but figured black  will be more versatile.

The other is a red, small trolley that I use to lug around my laptop in. The brand is Skytravel which I bought at an outlet shop in Divi at only P1,300. This saves my back and shoulders from the everyday task of carrying my laptop bag.

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Life Through Instagram

Makati Coffeeshoop spaghetti
Finally taking down the tree
You want a donut?
One sunny day
Gloomy beach
Braekfast of coffee and blueberries
The mini sailor
I love photos. I was quite happy with my digicam shots and found no pressing desire to buy and learn how to use a DSLR. I was happier when I finally downloaded Instagram. Why did it take me so long to take the plunge when my photos look way better with their filters? 

Now, I can just whip out my phone and never miss a moment again.

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