What's In the News?

We love the weekends! Aside form the respite from the busy work week, I love waking up early and boiling water for our coffee jolt in the morning. These days, we favor the Kopiko brown variant. It smells so... breakfast-sy.=)

Another favorite part of the weekend is reading the paper. I read it from cover to cover, even the obituary. And I only get to do that on weekends. During weekdays, the most I can do is skim over the headline and the entertainment section. I love the smell (but not the feel) of the thick weekend edition and I linger over every section, starting with my favorites: life style and entertainment, then the metro, then the main section with the headlines and then the rest of it.

So, it thrilled me to see my son picking up the paper and 'reading' with mommy and daddy.

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