Last Father's Day

It was supposed to be a surprise, this Father's Day breakfast. But that day of all days, the daddy of the house woke up early. No prodding, no kicking from Jared at all. So, he caught us by surprise instead.

Jared helped prepare our simple surprise for daddy. Here he is straight from the bed.

The breakfast platter. It's a wonder what some plating and presentation, plus a nicer camera can do. What he prepared were scrambled eggs (the mayo really makes a lot of difference), toasted bread with jam and 3-in-1 coffee.

Jared gave this card to his dad a few days before father's day. They made this necktie card at school. He gave it again to his dad that Sunday and the dad I think was touched the gesture.

The problem with using a cam not your own is you don't know the settings! All along, it was zoomed in. The result: blurred photos.

Belated Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you.

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