Beautiful Days: A Wedding Tale

I  cry at weddings, get teary-eyed at least. And this is on weddings where I do not even know the couple (not a gate crasher, just a curious onlooker, or they happen to get married at our parish church).

So, I was prepared to cry buckets at my only sister's wedding, one and a half years in the making, and full of small things that make a wedding beautiful.

The wedding was an onslaught to the senses: heartfelt vows, a beautiful wedding gown, lots of pretty flowers, a hauntingly good vocalist, a memorable wedding song (beautiful days by kyla) cute kids (ehem, my son included), a crying groom, big barangays/families from the groom's and bride's side.

Snapshots from the wedding of the year (hehehe)

my godson johan who will be the next ring bearer. naka attire na =)

hugging teddy bears, the flower girls gamely walked down the aisle. cute color combination. these two are 2nd cousins.

father and son as bible and ring bearer

me as little bride (este) matron of honor

dramatic dress and entrance as the mother-of-the-bride looks

mabuhay ang bagong kasal!
the bride crafted this cute cake topper atop their oreo cheesecake
pila sa takilya

gentlemen sweating it out at this really fun (to watch) take on the garter toss

our table with the couple
tired but happy at the end of the night. one last shot at the photobooth

No, I didn't cry (blame it partly on having a very energetic and talkative son in tow who wants my 100% attention, everytime), but it doesn't mean the wedding was any less beautiful. In fact, it was love, love, and more love from the couple to each other, from family and friends that truly made this wedding beautiful.

Repeating in my head now, I see beautiful days with you, I see beautiful ways of loving you....
Happy, happy birthday to the best sister  and tati in the world!

Phot credit: Danica Tongco and RK Yboa


A Different Kind of Shopping Spree

I have a lot of unfinished posts, with my sister's beautiful wedding being one of them.
Those would require more concentration and time to finish so let me post a quickie first.

I went on a shopping spree during Chinese New Year and it's making me all giddy today.
It's not clothes, it's not shoes nor bags.

Who does not need nore space in the kitchen? This slim cabinet fits the bill.
Love the adjustable shelves inside.

I really just went out to buy a filing cabinet but to the amazement of my husband who was looking for the filing cabinet when I got home, I needed a truck to haul my loot home (to be delivered today!)

Okay, walang kokontra sa locker ko. hehehe.
It's my dream to have a locker to serve as cabinet in Jared's room (which I would soon be fixing)

These babies would need minor repainting--I just might paint my file cabinet yellow, and Jared's locker blue. That woukd depend on how much I am up to sanding and refinishing these.



Toddler activities you can do at home

Exactly how does one keep a toddler preoccupied at home?

I have to give credit to mama, my son's grandma, for helping think of fun stuff to do at home.

Fish the worm. You just need shells, rubberbands and a stick. All items can be replaced by odds and ends from the house.

Gather all toys and let the child build (err, in this picture, make a mess)

Cultivate a love for reading. Have books lying around the house within easy reach.

Make faces. Here, Jared makes faces using clay for eyes and a pencil for the mouth.

Allot a time for praying.

Music Time. In their school, they have music (flute) time.

Make learning fun. Mama makes use of colored pens and cardboards to make letters. Jared knows all the letter sounds by 2 and a half and since late last year, can spell simple words.

Play ball. Who doesn't love this?

Play with popsicle sticks. He writes his name with it here.

Keep him busy. Let them participate in household activities. He helps pack away things in his Tati's room.

Let their imagination run wild. Here, he drags his grandma's bag all over the house. =)


Whatta Year It's Been!

I've been meaning to post the highs and lows of 2011 for our family, but cannot seem to sit down long enough to focus on completing the list.

I saw this printable on the blog Thirty Hand Made Days and thought the questions seemed answerable in one sitting.

So, here goes.

I'll miss you 2011! This is my blog's official welcome to 2012.


The "Other Men" in his Life

Asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he'll say "like daddy" (maybe he wants to work in a bank?), or "be a rocketship".

But aside from his dad, there are two other men who are always prsent in Jared's life. Meet.....

This is Kuya Roger, his tricycle service. Jared has memorized the body number of Kuya Roger's "ride" and thinks every other tricycle is Kuya Roger's.
broom, broom
 And of course, Mang Edgar the handyman, who is around the house maybe a few times a month.

"Here Mang Edgar, I will do it"

What cha doing Mang Edgar?"

I'd love for my son to grow up around hard-working people.


Poem Recital Champion

Yes, my little boy bagged the 1st place in the first official competition he joined.

waiting for his turn with the other contestants

confidently going up the stage

showing off his 1st place ribbon

for those curious about what he wore, here's a better view of his spider costume. mommy fashioned this out from felt, and daddy's socks filled with plastic!

Hope you can view the video.

I was away on a business trip during this competition and I can only pray he'll do his "actions" because he never did during practice.

I was told our son gave a cute performance and stole the show. Good job, baby!


The Best Christmas Gift

I received a lot of nice presents last Christmas. I love gifts and I love the thought that (hopefully) comes with each one.

But the best (early) Christmas gift for me was a something made with lotsa love. Our little boy strung colorful beads into the most wonderful bracelet for me.

Disclaimer: my sister is in the accessories business so we have these stuff lying around at home. He just asked if he can make me one.

hard at work

the look of concentration. stringing beads.

whoa! success!


Little Bluey: My First Pet

Bluey was a pet fish given by Aki on the first holiday party we attended in 2011. This was towards the end of November.

This little one was pampered, and loved by my son. He brought Bluey wiith him everywhere.

Sadly, he never saw the speactacular fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Asked what happened to his pet, he shrugged and said "he choked".

Too much bread crumbs is bad for your health.

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