Mix and Match, Connect the Dots and What's Been Keeping my Son Busy

I remember years ago, my summer days were spent playing AND answering a booklet that mama so painstakingly prepared days before. That time, of course, it was literally a pain. Imagine, my playing time needs to be cut short so I can answer the multiplication table before she gets home at 6.

But it's true when they say, you will only get to fully appreciate your mother when you're already a mother yourself.

I am so thankful my mama still has the energy and the patience to do these kinds of exercise booklets for my son.

Her greatest reward is my son need not be forced into answering them. He answers pages in a matter of minutes, pages his lola so lovingly cut and pasted and colored for a few days. In fact, he cried once when he's finished one booklet because the next one isn't ready yet.

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ivymarasigan said...

hi leslie! i love this! my daughter is enjoying connect the dots, too, and i'm happy about it because i can see that she can control the pen now and she can draw a straight line already.

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