Our Son, The Rockstar

As parents, we have lofty dreams for our children, right?

One of our most common conversations in the car is: what will Jared be in the future? We have fun imagining our son as a doctor (hope we've saved up enough for that when he do decides to be one), as an engineer (oh goody, he'll build a nicer house for mommy), an accountant (teach me baby, please).

But my husband will always ask me if it's okay if Jared wants to be a rockstar. Yes, a rockstar.

A rockstar... hmm. That, well, rocks!!!

Then we'd imagine him on a tour with his band, with me in tow.

Of course, it's just fun thinking about it but seriously, I'd prefer he choose a more err, regular path. Rockstars lead difficult lives, me thinks.

So one day at the mall, when mama saw this spanking red drum set, I let go of my reservations and did not protest when she insisted she'd buy this for her apo.

Here's our rockstar.

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