Mama is Home

After a few days at the hospital, mama is home. We can't be happier. For a time, during that 2-hour operation and the subsequent 3-hour stay at the recovery room, I got a bit nervous because they were a bit late in wheeling her in. And in those few minutes, my over-active mind went even more on the overdrive thinking of what could have happened.

We lost our father when I was 17, and my sister is 9. So for more than half of my life and 2/3 of my sister's life, mama was both a father and a mother to us.

During those few more minutes of stay at the recovery room, I prayed to God to please give us mama whole because isn't it that he took papa already, and at such a young age at that?

I may not be the most religious or spiritual person and I know I should not question God. But I am thankful He heard me that day.

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