My Little Monkey

This series of books by Eileen Christelow is a find from Booksale. His fascination and eventual love for the book started with 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

He does jump on the bed to imitate the monkeys, screeches like one and at times teeters dangerously goes to the bed's edge as if to demonstrate the "one fell off and bumped his head" line.

Those 5 little silly monkeys getting ready for bedtime, jumps on the bed and gets a bump on their head gives him laughing fits no matter how many times he's read through it.

After a month of reading this to him everyday, I scoured the bookstore to try to find a gem again in those piles of books. And gem I found as I happily bought two more: Five Little Monkeys with Nothing To Do and Five Little Monkeys Sitting on a Tree.

On another visit, my eyes spotted the fourth book. Now the Little Monkeys Goes Shopping.

I am now bent on completing the series with 3 more books. Hope I do find them at booksale this weekend.

Just the perfect series to start my own little monkey's love for reading.

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