Secret Wish List

In my mind, a genie will appear and grant me not three but 5 wishes. Aside from the number, this genie is a bit different because things like buying a house and lot, donating to charity, world peace and the like are disqualified as wishes. The genie in my mind said those things are granted by a true-blue genie. She is a kikay genie after all and will only grant the secret wishes hidden in the hearts of women.

Here's the 5 wishes I would like kikay genie to grant me.

1. To sleep one night in a hotel every weekend. I like taking little breaks to reward me of the hard work I did the past week. And staying at a hotel is like having a mini vacation without ever living the city. Plus, you don't have to make up the bed. Yey!

2. The perfect outfit to wear for any ocassion. I'd ask genie for a magic closet that would automatically produce the outfit just right for any place I want to go to. The mall? It'll give me a capri, and a nice blouse. The beach? A cool cover up and a sexy bikini. A party? The most flattering cocktail dress. Plus of couse kick-ass shoes.

3. Somebody to fix up my hair every day. Blow dry, curl, gather in a bun. Whatever suits my mood for the day. No more bad hair days.

4. The perfect glowing skin that requires no foundation. Plus only if I want, a make up trunk full of designer make up. I personally don't put on much on my face but I love the great packaging. If I may share another secret, one of my secret ambition is to be in-charge of giving names to lipstick, blush on and eye color(if there is such a position). Names like Sunset Blush, Apricot Blossom, Sexy pout.

5. And finally, I want a massage at the end of each day.

I can dream on and on....



This month, 3 friends now based in different countries are in town. That means several mini reunions.

Mench is now based in Guam. This is her birthday celebration at Good Earth, Greenbelt last July 24.

Mitch lives in Taiwan with her husband and my godson MJ. Rodel is working in Saipan.

I could not boast that I have a lot of friends but I do treasure the ones that I have. I'm gonna miss them when they go back to their home bases after their vacations.


Weekend at Tagaytay

We were blessed with bright rays of sunshine late last week and so we thought, if the good weather continues, to spend Saturday at Tagaytay.

It's gonna be the first time Jared will visit the place and I'm so excited for this family getaway. It's just like during grade school, when I couldn't sleep the day before the field trip.

No sun greeted us when we woke up yesterday. There were clouds, but at least they didn't look dark and there was no threat of immediate rain. So our little family of three took off.

A little after an hour of driving, we reached Tagaytay at 8.20 am.

First stop was Picnic Grove. We took the 500meter eco trail. The reason why my legs are still sore. The walking part was easy but climbing those steps was a pain.

Entrance fee was P50/head.
Jared was still free of charge.

Was it worth it? Yes for the family experience, though we were there just for 30 minutes. I couldn't stand staying longer as the place was unkept. There was garbage everywhere. The management could add some trash bins along the trail so people will not have to throw their snack wrappers anywhere they fancy. They could also clean up the picnic huts. The bins there were still full of trash from the day before, and the tables and benches were dirty. The zip line thing looks promising but we could not try it because we have the little boy with us. I didn't want to try the cable car as it didn't look safe to me.

Next stop was Bag of Beans. From Picnic Grove, we drove the other way, passing other Tagaytay landmarks such as Taal Vista Hotel, Josephine's and a slew of other newer establishments.

We were there early enough to secure a parking slot near the entrance. The place looked better than I remember. There were several dining areas you can choose from. I had the foresight to apply bug spray on Jared so I did not worry about possible mosquito bites even if there was a lot of plants and if most of the dining areas were not screened.

Breakfast: tapsilog for daddy @ P180; Bacon and eggs for mom and Jared @ P250.

We loved the place. It's charming and we liked the food. We had a leasurely breakfast, already a treat in itself these days. Jared loved their freshly-baked pandesal and devoured the 2 egg yolks that came with my order. I just wished coffee is included in their breakfast sets. We had to pay an extra P95 for 1 mug of coffee.
Service could be improved also. The waiter who took and served our order, and the one I asked to take a picture of us, did not look too happy which is such a downer on such a bright day. The ladies manning their bakery were a lot more cheerful though.

Last stop was the Pink Sisters convent. We wanted to say a prayer not only for giving us good weather that day but for the gift of our baby. The last time we were there was Holy Week of 2007 when we prayed for a baby. Now, the baby that we prayed for is already here with us.

We were back in Manila by lunchtime. It was a great way to spend a weekend and our
8th year of being together.


Mommy Moments: First Steps

Today's Mommy Moments is First Steps.

Jared took his first tentative step here in this crib when he was 10 months old. He did not cruise--try to walk holding on the furniture. He stood up, let go of the side of the crib and tried to cross to the other side.

We thought he was going to walk early. He was almost walking by himself at 11 months when he was hospitalized for a week before his first birthday. That sort of put his eagerness to walk on hold.

He was able to take a few steps when he was 1 year and a month old.

Now at almost 16 months, there is no holding our little boy back.

Would you like to join us at Mommy Moments? Check out the first steps of the other cute babies here.


First time at the Market

Before posting a second part of of the Look no Further series (I am still transferring files to my new external hard drive), I just want to share this photo of Jared taken recently at the Seaside Market at Macapagal.

He was scared of the live lobsters and the vendors all shouting "suki" but it was a nice experience over all. Good thing I had a camera to capture this.


Look No Further

When responsibilities, work stress, traffic, poor health and other nuisances of modern day living bring me close to frustration, and a general feeling of sadness, I look no further than my hard drive to browse the pictures I have saved over the years. It brings me back to many happy places, happy thoughts, happy dreams. I relive the happy memories all over again.

So, what makes me happy? Here is part 1.

A visit to the zoo. This one is at Avilon with my sister.

Nice photos. This is one of my fave pictures of all time. I love my expression here.

Dramatic moments. This was when my then boyfriend, now husband proposed. Date: December 30, 2005.

Out of town trips. With friends Rose and Jay, at the Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon.

The beach. Balicasag Island, Bohol.


part 2 tomorrow.


Ube balls of my childhood

This is quite a sentimental post and it's about.... candy!

I still remember the treats I used to enjoy as a child from the neighborhood sari-sari store. There's cherry ball, that super red coated sweet candy that I used to tint my lips with: instant lipstick. There's tira-tira, the hard candy you can gnaw for hours without ever making a dent on it. And then we come to what this post is about. My favorite, the ube balls.

Rich and creamy, the small violoet balls are coated with a sprinkling of sugar. I must have bought hundreds of these little treasures and I try to make each ube ball last by rolling it in my mouth, taking little bites before swallowing the entire goodness.

They cost me ten cents per piece back then. Now, 26 years later at P1/pc, they are still what I remember them to be, maybe a little smaller, or maybe was mouth is just bigger now. And the makers thought they'd probably innovate a little by putting in toothpicks.

Ube balls, you've transported me back to my carefree childhood. Thank you.


New Layout

This is my newest digiscrap layout for Jared's 12th month.


Mommy Moments: Playing Time

At 15 months, my son has accummulated more than enough toys for someone so young. They were mostly given as gifts. Me, I can only remember buying him... hmmm, what toy did I buy for him again? Couldn't exactly remember but it wouldn't have been more than 5.

At this age he loves, aside from his teddy, balls of all kinds. He has 2 basketballs, complete with board, a mini golf set and a mini soccer ball. Ke kicks, throws and bangs them against each other everyday.

My favorite photos of him playing though are those with mommy. I know soon, he will prefer playing with other kids than me, so I am savoring every second of our play time.

For more pictures and stories of kids at play, check out Mommy Moments this week.


19 years ago

I was in 7th grade and was waiting for a bus home with some schoolmates when we felt the ground move. What was more scary was that we thought the Light Rail Transit (LRT) will fall down on us. It was moving that much.

We started crying, held hands and prayed until the ground stopped moving.

That was the July 16, 1990 earthquake.


My Medela Freestyle

Since my recent post was about my sucess on breastfeeding, I want to give credit where credit is due. I will talk about my partner in giving sustenance to my baby. This post will be about my Medela Freestyle.

Before I gave birth, I had an Avent manual pump bought in the US where it is cheaper. It served me well for a few months, since I went to work after my maternity leave. I was able to pump 4oz per 20 minute session, but boy was it tiring! My hands will feel numb after and I could feel the energy draining out of me after every pumping session.

I said to myslef if I wanted to sustain breastfeeding my baby, I had to look for a better pump, something that would let me pump at a shorter period of time, less the strain on my hands.

After reading numerous reviews of pumps on Amazon, my heart was set on getting the Medela Freestyle. It was the lightest pump at that time and one that could be recharged like a cellphone.

It was something that we needed to think about many times over though. It was an investment, the amount was significant enough to make me think twice about getting it. In the end though, I justified the expense by thinking that my son deserves the best food there is for him, my milk. So we went ahead and ordered it from a local multiply seller.

The verdict? I love it! I cut down my pumping time to half. 4 to 5 oz at under 10 minutes. I get out of each pumping session still with energy to work and do stuff. It is actually hands-free if you buy the proper bra for it, but me, I didn' want to spend for that anymore and the contraptions was just too much for me so I just hold both with one hand while my other hand is free to text, or turn the pages of a magazine.

As for the sound, I couldn't say it's quiet since it does make some sound but it is something I can bear. Have no way to compare it though since this is the only electric pump I have ever used.

Cleaning is easy and comvenient. My only complaint is that I had to change the phlanges after 7 months of continuous use. There was a big tear that prevented a good suction. Ordering a replacement is easy from a Medela mom.

It comes with a black bag. Simple and no frills. Plus, you can use it by plugging it on or charge it beforehand. Our travel time to and from the office is a minimum of one hour so I use that time to pump in the car-- a definite plus for me.

Computing the cost of formula, the pump has paid for itself already in 4 months time.

Now, that is a good investment.

Picture above shows my everyday pumping essentials: my Medela Freestyle and my handy cooler


Princessweds at the Bridal fair

My sister and I launched a contest last month and we'll be announcing the winners by the end of July.

I just want to share this photo taken at the first-ever fair she joined as a wedding accessories maker. This was last February 14 at the Megatrade Hall entitled Weddings and Debuts 2009.

For those wanting to join, you can still send in your entries. Check out my previous post here.

You can check out what Princessweds has to offer at this site.


On being a mama cow

I've been proudly breastfeeding for the past 15 months and I have no intention to stop anytime soon. It gives me and my baby precious bonding time. It's my alone time with him and it is during those moments that I can make him feel how much he is loved by mommy, after being away from him for most part of the day.

Many are still amazed that I still have milk. Sometimes I am amazed myself. I still pump 2x a day at the office and he feeds from me directly in the evenings, before I leave for the office in the morning and on weekends.

I admit it wasn't easy at the start. During the first few weeks, my life is one long loop of breastfeeding, burping, changing nappies and breastfeeding again. My baby can't seem to get enough of my milk. While emotionally rewarding, it was on the other hand physically draining, too.

Jared thankfully had no trouble latching. Many thanks to the kind nurses at The Medical City who taught me and baby the proper way to feed.

While there are days that I hate lugging around my cooler and my pump bag, those are few and far in between. Epecially when I think of how much my baby loves mama's milk more than formula. He can gulp my milk in seconds while it takes him time to drink the same amount of formula.

I read in one forum that to breastfeed is something that you have to decide on even before you gave birth. It also says that it is a mind-game. If you believe you can give nourishment to your child, you can produce enough milk.

Such became my mantra for my last trimester of my pregnancy. I was mentally preparing myself for the birth of my baby. When I gave birth to a smaller than average baby boy, weighing 5 lbs 2 oz, my resolve to breastfeed grew stronger.

That same phrase was something I keep repeating to myself while I pump. I was able to purely breasfeed my baby for the 1st 10 months-- not a drop of formula. Then I got busy at work and had to reduce the times I pump at the office from 4x to 2x, hence we had to supplement with formula.

We're taking this one day at a time. But as long as I know he still wants my milk, I'll breastfeed him for as long as I can.

I'm a mama cow and I'm so loving it.

Since we don't have a decent enough photo of me breastfeeding, I'll just post this photo of Jared drinking mommy's milk in a bottle (Jared at 4 months old)

Mommy Moments: Pouting Face

I'm using a different pc and could not get Jared's old photos. I was thinking of a particular pouty shot I took of him when he was barely 2 months old. I just had to do with what's available on my pc now. I missed joining the past 2 or 3 Mommy Moments and although I'm late in posting this one, better late than never!

This was taken at Jared's ninang's wedding last June 18. Like any kid, he was irritated at having to wear his barong. He wanted to rip it off. So when it was time for us to walk down the aisle, he was just wearing his white shirt, sans the barong.

Check out the other pouty but super cute faces at Mommy Moments

Could it be?

Could it be that my little one is beginning to get the concept of potty training?
Well, I don't have the proper term for it since he's technically not doing it in the potty.

From the start, Jared is only on disposable diapers at night and when we go out. For most part of the day, he is on cloth diapers or lampin. For the past month though, whenever he needs to pee or poop and he is wearing his cloth diapers (or sometimes just shorts, no lampin), he will go down the bed and do his thing on the floor.

The result is a puddle of pee or a heap of poop.

The potty on the photo? He is having fun using it as his secret place. He keeps keys, small balls and other stuff there.


I said....

When I was still pregnant and wondering what I'll be like as a mother, as a parent, I have a list of to do's, things I swore to myself I will follow. On the other hand, I also vowed not to do certain things.

I bought tons of clothes for baby, and received loads of stuff from family and friends. I said my baby will only wear the cutest of clothes, even just inside the house.

I said he will not be like some babies who looks like they haven't been given a bath. I said he will always look clean and smell good.

I said I will make sure he gets only the most nutritious food. I said I will not give him junk food.

I said I will not allow my baby to ride those animal crawlers at the malls because I thought they were dirty.

I said I will prioritize his comfort, first and foremost. I said I will not let him wear uncomfortable clothes.

Well,now I that I have been a parent for a little over a year already, I know I can't be all that I thought I would be.

In short, I can't be the perfect mommy.

I am trying though. I prepare his breakfast and it is usually oatmeal mixed with one of the following: wheatgerm, banana, avocado or raisins.

He eats squash, sayote, tofu, malunggay, ampalaya and a host of other veggies and fruits.

We do our best to make sure that what he puts inside his mouth is clean.

He gets to wear his cute clothes when we go out of the house.

And, I am still breastfeeding.

I haven't done everything that I have on that list, nor was I able to avoid not doing the things I vowed never to do. But I am trying my best. And that is what counts,I think.

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