A Charming Bed and Breakfast Inn

Cheesy title, but really.

The last time we were at Tagaytay, it was a day trip and Picnic Grove disappointed us big time.

This time, it was an overnight trip, it was chilly, fog enveloped the area early in the morning, it was our tenth year anniversary as a couple and our son can now appreciate things and trips better.

We stayed at this wonderful 8-room bed and breakfast called Joaquin's and feasted our eyes on a perfect view of the volcano right outside our room. We had our own small patio where we leisurely ate breakfast, the room had a charming shabby chic look and have I already mentioned the view? If we could eat it, we'd be so full by the time we went home. The place was so nice our son cried when we went around doing tourist-y stuff. He wanted to stay at the hotel the whole day.


For a change, I didn't book anything prior to the trip. Since it was low season, the plan was for us to look around and see what's the best deal. I was eyeing this place already but when you have a child with you, you have to think of convenience first. The most logical place for us to stay was at Summit Ridge (where Robinson's, Starbucks are). But as luck would have it, all the lower room types are booked and I didn't want to spend 6k for what they were offering us.

So, off we went. We were looking for another inn called Potter's Ridge. We didn't find it.

Last place we looked at was Joaquin's and after we were shown the room, we were sold.

More Tagaytay stories in the next few days. Right now, I just wish I'm back there.


The Dining Chairs...Again

I may not have mentioned them recently but my chairs are still my newest darlings. I reupholstered all 6 recently but have only posted one or two pictures.

So, here I am like a stage mom posting them in all their glory.

And see this sad little light switch plate? It hab been transformed! Wait for the pics!


To the Principal's Office

From friends telling their own tales of dealing with principals and teachers, we expected we'd be in this situation maybe 4-5 years from now. Definitely not in his first formal year of school, and most definitely not in the first 2 months.

But, it's not really to the principal's offce. Let's say we were called by Teacher for "small talk".

The boy apparently hit a classmate. It's what his teacher wrote on his diary.

Not because I am the mother, but I know him. My son doesn't hit, doesn't grab toys out of another kid's hand. I've been bringing him to the playground for more than 2 years and if there's anything he's learned there aside from developing stronger muscles and limbs, it is (1) no hitting and (2) wait for your turn.

So we went for that talk. And I was right. It's not really hitting in that context. Jared was so excited because he has another really energetic classmate, went up to that boy and put his hands on the other boy's chest. No one was really hurt.

Still we gave him the talk. Of not hitting. He said he's a good boy in class.

Teacher also said he threw the mongo seeds used in an art project in class and when teacher was offering him a tissue, he shred t into pieces and threw that at teacher, too.(this one I believe)

My boy. I had to remind myself he is just 3 years old and the youngest in class.


The Schoolboy

I realized that it's been more than 2 months since school started and I have not blogged about Jared going to school. I mean the regular school since he had tried going to summer play schoool for two years in a row.

I'm so sleepy I can't write properly but suffice to say, we've already been called by the teacher for a mini conference. =) Will blog about that soon.

Here are his pictures from the first day of school.

our Tagaytay weekend was so fun Jared now wants to live in a hotel


Starbucks Date

Our plan was set.

We'll talk over coffee for me and maybe a vanilla frap for him. Share a plate of pastries. Laugh.

But my date slept on me!

It was after a full day of energetic play at my office when we whiled away the time at Starbucks Harbour Square to wait for his dad.

After giving his order (a big cookie), he drank milk, walked a bit around the coffee shop, asked to be taken to the rest room, fidgeted in his chair, then sat on my lap and slept. Thanks to the staff, they gave a big, comfortable chair for my tot to sleep on while I read magazines of months past.

It was still a good way to end the week. A date (although cut short by sleep) is still a date with my son and some me-time with a magazine and a cup of coffee is a nice way to unwind after a hectic week at the office.


All in a Day

Too bad I didn't have a camera today because it would for sure be a picture-packed post.

Here's what happened to us today:

1. Cooked and ate breakfast at home (rare these days because we usually just eat breakfast at Mcdo)
2. Heard mass
3. Had water delivered (Maynilad, kailan dadaloy ang ginhawa?)
4. Went thrifting at Bangkal. Most shops were closed plus the whisper of a disapproving husband was very distracting. Next time Tati, come with me.
5. Send smart money for our soon to be kasambahay (Thank goodness!)
6. Ate at Mcdo (again)
7. Had tires replaced (yes, all four)
8. Had car carpet replaced by a vendor who measured and cut that mat roll on the spot. Cool.(finally!)
9. Planned to buy my power sander but postponed this
10. Picked up the aircon
11. Dropped by Ruins at BF to look around but before we got to Ruins we...
12. Dropped by 2 furniture makers and inquired (expensive--esp after coming from a Bangkal excursion)
13. Had a snack of Kopi Roti at Pergola (loved the area, so literally cool)
14. Got back home and checked on the flightless bird who seemed to make our house its temporary nest
15. Watched HP 7 part 1 on DVD
16. Had dinner and put the tot to sleep
17. Blogged

Wow! No wonder the boy was asleep 5 minutes after his head hit the pillow.

we saw an accident at SLEX. hope the man riding the motorcycle was okay.


It All Started 10 Years Ago

Last May 5 marked the 10th year I've known my husband. We met in grad school and we have totally different vesrions of how that fateful meeting went. We met the day we took the entrance exam to grad school.

It was not a well-thought out plan, my entry to grad school. It came because I was bored and wanted to do something after work that would be a deviation from our mall or Malate nights.

It was a good thing I passed but now, looking back, I wonder if Veritas Prep could have taken the stress out of thinking if I passed or not.

We decided to pursue our graduate studies at UP Manila because of its proximity to both our work places ( I walked to school from the office on most days) and because of ur loyalty to our alma mater but if money wasn't an issue, I for sure would have explored studies elsewhere and Houston gmat prep would have been a great resource.

A few days from now, we'll mark our 10th year anniversary as a couple. It was in grad school where it all started. Beautiful friendships and this relationship now blessed with a son.


The Tale of the Good Samaritan

Okay first things first. I think I'm a fairly good driver. I also still believe in the innate goodness of people.

This story contradicts the first statement but validates the second. I'll take that anytime.

So, the story is one day at the parking lot of a supermarket, I chanced upon an empty parking slot. Didn't mind the directions that I was supposed to enter the other way. I was in a hurry before another car beats me to it.

In my haste, I got myself in a situation that I cannot get out of, literally. I was an inch away from the next car and could not maneuver the car. I was still cool but my sister was getting nervous. Several attempts later, I was still stuck and clueless on what to do.

Until a nice gentle giant (he was big) approached and asked if we needed help. Of course I said yes.

He took the drivers seat and he was out in about 10 seconds.

So there. Thank you good samaritan.


In my Hands: My Clay Alphabet

For an energetic todler, one has to be really creative to cultivate curiosity and inquisitiveness and to keep his body busy. We're having trouble keeping up with the latter aspect. =)

But it isn't just me and hubby raising our son. So in this case, five minds are better than two. There is my mama, sister and an aunt whom we credit for giving the same loving care, and sometimes even more patience, to our little boy.

One of his favorites recently is to help shape his clay into big and small letters of the alphabet.

Below are the pictures of how proud he was of his accomplishment.


My Little Monkey

This series of books by Eileen Christelow is a find from Booksale. His fascination and eventual love for the book started with 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

He does jump on the bed to imitate the monkeys, screeches like one and at times teeters dangerously goes to the bed's edge as if to demonstrate the "one fell off and bumped his head" line.

Those 5 little silly monkeys getting ready for bedtime, jumps on the bed and gets a bump on their head gives him laughing fits no matter how many times he's read through it.

After a month of reading this to him everyday, I scoured the bookstore to try to find a gem again in those piles of books. And gem I found as I happily bought two more: Five Little Monkeys with Nothing To Do and Five Little Monkeys Sitting on a Tree.

On another visit, my eyes spotted the fourth book. Now the Little Monkeys Goes Shopping.

I am now bent on completing the series with 3 more books. Hope I do find them at booksale this weekend.

Just the perfect series to start my own little monkey's love for reading.

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