Mommy Moments: Treasured Moments

Been so busy lately that I can only post my MM entry for last Friday,when the next one is almost here.

Here are 3 of my most treasured photos. 2 of them I was able to scrap already.

I think you can click on the pics to read the journal on the scrap pages.

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Updating and the Big MOA sale

The past few days have been so hectic so I only got to post today, so very early in the morning. I've been up since 2 am.

There will be some other posts that will be made today, as we rest and take advantage of the long weekend. but let me start with the BIG MOA sale.

I've seen posters all over the metro announcing the MOA sale from September 19-21. We were there yesterday to drop off lola and tati, and to have lunch before attending a party at Museo Pambata and it was a mayhem! It was so crowded people were getting impatient. Lining up at the cashier, waiting to be seated at restaurants...

We left after having lunch at Congo Grille but what do you know, went back again after the party. The "old me" couldn't resist not even attempting to look at what's on sale. =)

In the end, we decided to leave because it was difficult to maneuver a stroller in that crowd. But not without lugging something. There was a purchase, but it was something for the house. We got curtains and throw pillow cases. Yey!

Now, when will that house get painted so we can use the curtains.... That is the question.


Things in my Head

There are so many ideas in my head right now, I feel it's about to burst. =)

I have some small business ideas and lot of guts, courage and creativity.
Being September already, I feel I am running out of time if I want to launch this before the start of the gift buying season.

Will share what these ideas are.. soon.

Grandparent's Day

Maybe Jared felt that last weekend was special for lola so he kissed her several times, which was unusual as he doesn’t just go around kissing anybody. Sometimes, he will refuse to kiss even me.

It may be his way of saying Happy Grandparent’s Day, Lola.


Mommy Moments: Hat Day

It takes a lot of strength and patience to get my son to put anything at the top of his head these days. He is getting strong and will fling whatever it is placed on his head. I am fortunate to capture these priceless moments when he was younger.

At his 4th monthly check up with Dr. Alfiler at Medical City. This was a really cute outfit given by his Tita Menchu.

Playing at the garage when he was 9months old. He was too preoccupied here to notice the cap.

A newsboy cap that matched his tuxedo. I had this made by the MIL of Jacque of Partyboosters.

At his pre-birthday pictorial with his sailor costume

Want to see what cute hats the other kids donned? Click here.


Why Blog Now?

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to blogging. I did blog about some wedding preps stuff way back in 2006, but completely forgot that I did have one after adjusting to being a wife, then a mom.

I had my reservations. What about privacy issues? If he gets older, what if my son would hate the idea that his every move, his every picture is posted on the web, where everyone can see and read about him?

After weighing the consequences for some time, I started blogging again in May of this year and have since posted a lot of entries, 90% of which are about Jared.

I do hope he will get to appreciate that mommy took time to document his milestones and his mommy is mighty proud of his every accomplishment. On a sadder and more morbid tone, if I leave the world, at least I have left memoirs of our life for my son to read and go back to in case he misses his mommy.

That being said, I rest my case. Now back to blogging.


Jared @ the Office

Jared has been to my office a few times. His first visit was when he was barely 2 months old and I needed to interview a candidate for one vacant position. He was mostly asleep the whole time. I just realized I wasn't able to take a photo of him at the office. This was taken on the way there though.

His next visit was on his 5th month, when I accidentally placed the cooler (with the bottles of milk inside) on an unstable ledge and it slipped, with milk spilling all over the place. That was supposed to be his milk for the following day. He was in the office for 2 consecutive days because I was adamant in not giving him any formula.

Then came our Halloween party for the kids.

And then again during the times no one will look after him at home.

Thank God the office(people) understands.

A Stamp

Just toying around with some online tools...

Online Image Editor


Splash in the Pool

Our plans were pushed back further and further and so Jared only had his first plunge in the pool last weekend.

But the main reason why I was pushing for a swimming outing though it's technically the raining season already was because of a gift. A gift from his last birthday. A speedo rashguard from one of his godmothers. A gift I specifically asked from Ninang Marielle (thanks, Ninang Marielle!).

What a waste if he’s gonna outgrow the suit without even using it once. So, off we went to the land of Hot Springs: Pansol, Laguna.

The salbabida we brought had a hole so we stopped by one of colorful stalls to buy him a new one.

He was initially apprehensive of getting his body wet.

But with a little bit of prodding, and a whole lot of hugs and encouragement, he did venture out with us to the kiddie pool.

He and his dad had a great time in the pool

We only stayed at the resort for a few hours. Taken at noon, before the ride home.

I think he needs a few more swimming trips to be really at ease in the water. A trip to the beach next time might be in order.

Mommy Moments: Formal Wear

Jared was uncomfortable in these clothes but being the stage mom that I am, I just have to have him wear these, even for just a few minutes so I can capture it on camera.

Wore a tuxedo at 9 months. The photographers at his aunt's wedding had a fun time filming the crawling tot in a tuxedo.

And in a barong

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