(Christmas) Shopping at Dapitan Arcade

Finally, we were able to go and check out new stuff at Dapitan Arcade.

And this time, the little boy was with us.

Sitting down on a miniature chair. I whisked Jared away before his lola could even get the idea of buying him this.

Father and son amusing themselves while mommy looks for the perfect hamper.

So, what can you see at Dapitan this time of the year? Instead of just being housed at the arcade, the sellers were on the street making for more traffic, but more variety of goods.

Two and three tier plate holders with plates in Christmas-y designs would make the perfect dessert platter/display.

Nice, native baskets less than P100 each. These will be good to stash away toys, or remote controls, chargers and other knick knacks. Or they could even be trash cans.

Wooden picture frame of different sizes. They go for P50 for the smallest to P75 for the biggest.I bought 4 and will post how we put it up inside the house.

Rows and rows of plates. I love to get a new set of white ceramic ones but I need to make room for them in the house first. The ramekin bowl is P20 each.

In this stall I found my hamper. Nicely done at P800. They also sell jewelry holders and make up kits for P350 to P450 and the small trash can is P200.

Christmas ornaments abound. But if you are looking for Christmas trees, the mall might be a better place.

These birdhouses with Santa design goes for just P50 each. We bought one and Jared is happy lugging it in the house.

It was a bit chaotic there and humid and not the best place for a toddler so in about an hour, we had to leave because the boy was getting bored.

And bored he was...

Til next time!


Nicole said...

Hi Leslie,

Do any of the stalls sell lights or lamps? Or do they sell mostly decor items and tableware? Thanks!

Got to Believe said...

hi nicole, there are lamps, mostly capiz covered hanging lamps and table lamps with encased in wood with lattice -like cut outs.

Nicole said...

Thanks! I will definitely need to visit Dapitan then =)

Bratinella said...

hi did you see any decorative bird cages? :) i am looking for some potential decors for my wedding next year.. i dont want to hire a stylist as much as possible :)

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