Hail to the Groupon Sites

I've been a long time fan: seller and buyer of stuff online. I was a registered seller at femalenetwork and PEX, and to date, I've bought about 50 plus stuff over at ebay.

So when news that gropup buying sites have finally landed in the Philippines, I wasted no time in checking them out.

I love that I get to buy deals at almost 50% off. Have bought from www.ensogo.com.ph and dealgrocer. It was too bad I made all the bookings for our Boracay vacation before the Boracay deals at www.buyanihan.com and dealgrocer.com came through. Their offers are really tempting. And I've bookmarked all the sites and subscribed to some so I won't miss out on any great deal.

In fact we scored my birthday lunch buffet coupons at 50% off at Cafe d' Asie in Bellevue in a groupon site (www.ensogo.com.ph).

It was such a hassle free transaction, you just have to follow all the general rules and the additional rules by the merchant. Be warned though of some fly-by-night sites.

How about you, any particular gropun site or deal that you like?

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