Boracay Inspires

My job requires me to be constantly “inspired”. And so I look at store displays (and shop a little bit in the process), browse nice websites, take a look at trends, read magazines etc etc. But nothing is more inspiring than looking at my boy who will be 3 years old (tomorrow). I’m inspired that I am half of what created this little boy wonder and I am inspired that my every action, my words have an impact on how he’ll turn out—directly or indirectly.

And so we try to create little wonderful traditions and memories that I hope he will enjoy, remember, learn valuable lessons from, cherish and look forward to in the years to come. In the process, I’ve found inspiration from these little pockets of memories.

Our recent 4-day getaway to that little paradise called Boracay is two pronged. It gave me loads of inspiration—it is hard not to get inspired by the blue skies, the calm seas, the oh so cool fruit shake on a hot day and the little boy squealing in delight as the waters run “after him”. No better way to look at things than through the wonder, the amazement in the eyes and the voice of our boy. On the other hand, if our pockets will allow, we’ve created a yearly tradition that he can look forward to.

These trip will be told in several posts. This is just the intro and a sneak peak of how we enjoyed our family time.

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Madam Misis Mummy said...

happy birthday jared!

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