The Neighborhood Salon

There used to be a David's Salon at the ground floor of our office building. That was convenience. I can schedule a cut or a blow dry at lunch time and come out (hungry but) looking fab for a 2 pm meeting.

I was one of the saddest when that shop folded up. And since then, my pedis were few and far in between. Let me define that previous sentence. It means 2 or more months apart. So in between, my feet looked like a mess. Not sandals worthy.

So imagine my glee when walking back to the office from lunch nearby, a bright airy space seeemed to call out to me. A salon! I wanted to embrace the staff and welcome them to the neighborhood. And I can't wait to try out their services.

As soon as the clock hit 6 pm, my pedi-hungry feet almost ran to salon. I came out 30minutes later having read the latest issue of Good Housekeeping and sandals worthy feet to boot.

I'll be baczk tomorrow during lunch for a quick manicure.

This made my day.

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