Letting Go of my Past

These may look like ordinary bottles of perfume, some may even consider these trash. But for me, these bottles are stages of my life.

I loved looking at the colorful bottles, even more smelling the faint scents that linger. They bring me back to some of the most memorable years of my life.

There is the bottle of perfume I used during college. It reminded me of all the gimmicks and date nights and the sweetness of young love.

One bottle is the perfume that accompanied me through job interviews. It made me smell presentable as I walk the streets of Makati to hand my resumes.

Another one was a gift and a reminder of my very first heart break.

Then there is the bottle of perfume that I remember made me all giddy as I walk down the aisle in 2006. That is aptly names True Love.

And even the perfume bottle I was using the day I found out I was pregnant.

I kept them all for sentimental reasons, thinking that one day, I'll have a nice shelf in my house where I can display them in all their sparkly, glittery splendor.

Now that I have a house, I can just imagine these bottles would need regular dusting and cleaning and in as much as I love them, I had to let them go. My weekends are preoccupied as it is and I'm nt looking for more chores to do.

It was a difficult decision to let them go. So difficult that in the end, I kept two of the bottles. ..to always remind me of the lessons, the fun, the tears of my past. After all, it is precisely those things that made me the person I am today.

1 comment:

ivymarasigan said...

i can relate :) scents remind me of precious memories. ironically, though, sensitive ang ilong ko sa smell (headache, nausea, allergy, etc). too bad you had to let the bottles go.

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