What I Learned from my 3 year old

My baby will be 3 years old in a few days. And my, what an appetite he has.
He now weighs 18 kgs per our latest wellness check last weekend which our doctor said is the average weight of a 5 year old kid.

Anyways, one day we had lunch at the mall. I ordered for our entrees.

Before the waiter had a chance to leave our table, Jared “ordered” his own.
“One Chamitos please, Kuya”

Chamito is a pro biotic drink, much like Yakult.

My baby will not go hungry. And my, what a polite way to order.

Lesson 1: Learn how to say please

* *
At a recent birthday party we attended, Jared’s eyes focused on the candy buffet as soon as we settled down on our seats.
We were a good 30 minutes early---just as we always are—and he kept on walking back and forth the area. He made sure the“kuya” manning the booth noticed him as he kept stealing glances at the goodies on the table.

After the nth time at looking at the table with longing, “kuya” asked him to go get his chocolates and candies.

Lesson 2: It never hurts to ask (directly or in this case, discreetly

* *

He’ll push his toy trains and trucks right up your face as he feels he should share, especially to babies.
With food, especially his favorites, he’ll need some prodding but will eventually offer what he has, with anyone even strangers.

Lesson 3: Share to whoever needs it

* *

I’ve talked about our weekend Mcdo breakfast a number of times in this blog and on almost in almost all instances, Jared will patiently wait for his turn to go up the play area, or down the winding slide or use the steering wheel inside, which by the way is his favorite.More than once, I, the pushy mommy will ask him to hurry up and slide down thinking he is missing out on the number of slides vs the other children.

But by not shoving other kids, or pushing his way forward, he’s taught me a lesson on patience.

Lesson 4: Wait for your turn

* *

His current favorite is his set of crayons housed in a big, empty candy jar. He’s seen lugging this jar, hands barely able to carry the container, around the house and sometimes even on the car.

I would think at the rate he’s using them that he’ll get tired of playing these soon. But it’s been more than a month and this replaced his train as the first thing he looks for as soon as he wakes up.

Last Sunday, at another birthday party, we were again early. But this time, he eagerly sat down at the kiddie chairs in front, something he has never done before. Upon sitting down, his eyes lighted up
at the treat waiting for him: crayons and paper for every child. Like the first time he actually saw a crayon in his life.

Lesson 5: Look at things with wide eyed wonder

It’s just 5 lessons for now (or maybe more but I am just too dense to realize it) but my son is just turning three and already, I’ve learned quite a few things from him. Way to go Jared and on a more serious note, thank you baby.

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