Happy to be 34

As I write this, my hubby is sleeping on the floor, right next to the TV. He is there because it's my birthday. The relation? I want some alone time to tinker with the PC and update this blog and he promised to look after our toddler who is happily munching on my bag of doritos and drinking my ice cold tea. Not healthy right? But just for today, my boy deserves a break, and so does mommy.

I'm 34 and proud of it. Lately, I have come to realize that it is all numbers. And nothing that make up cannot hide. Haha. My make up stash is due to arrive on Tuesday and I'm like a little girl waiting for a present at the door.

When I graduated from college, I thought at this age, I'll be so rich I can retire. I thought that I'd know exactly how to act at every situation. But at 34, I am still learning, everyday. At work, at home, all the time. And I still can't retire. =)

Age just makes you more realistic. We may not have much, but we have our house, our health, our family, our jobs. At 34, that is enough for me.

Pictures to follow. I'll just go and pack our bags for Boracay!!!!

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Chie Vallesteros said...

Happy Birthday Leslie :) Enjoy the sun and the sand!

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