Too Techy for Me

I never had the aptitude for the game and watch and the family computer--I guess I was just too impatient for it. I both had them, back in the time they were considered the "in" thing. So, that sort of addiction is foreign to me. And that was circa 1980s to 90s.

Now, 20 or so odd years later, I'm still slow when it comes to things tech-y. I just recently acquired a phone capable of surfing the net (which I love, if I may add) because I felt so out of touch while waiting at an airport for a flight back to Manila. It didn't help that I was the only one among our group (or maybe even the whole airport)who can't connect to the free wi-fi via mobile.

It also took me ages to upload photos on FB, something I really just can't get the hang of.

And my Ipod Touch remains virtulaly untouched since I received it last Christmas.

So, it bothers me that my son can recite the whole of Thomas the Train season 6 by heart from watching his DVD one too many times. Thankfully, that has been limited after we bought a National Geographic earth DVD series. His "Hello, Thomas" had been replaced by the roar or the lion, or the drone like narration of that series. But I digress, as usual.

So now I have established my un-techy side.

My son since he turned two can operate the DVD player, enjoys "typing" on our PC, and watches his own videos on our mobile phones.

And lately, he has developed a particular liking for Ipod Touch.

I wonder how I can shield my son from too much technology. Or maybe the question is, how long before I give in a buy him these stuff?

Here he is looking at his Ninang Claire's Itouch.

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