To the Far East

We live in the suburbs in the South so to venture East on a Sunday for a party is big deal to us. But the celebrator is a god child and for a little boy craving for playmates, off to the East we go.

It was a long way from home and we left the house earlier than needed. Too early in fact that we reached the Marikina area a good hour before the start of the party. Thirsty and needing a break, we stopped by Riverbanks to stretch out a little bit. But the real reason is that I spied the word outlet store there (wink).

Good thing we stopped. Though the outlet stores are not to my liking,it gave our little boy time to play in the numerous pay-to-play activity areas there. Also, it was noon and the sun was shining brightly and we were getting restless at the backseat.

Alighting from the car at the parking lot, Jared immediately said ‘river’! And indeed it was. The Marikina river in its splendor, all ready for our viewing on a sunny but thankfully windy Sunday.

A few steps away was this giant train. Don’t know (and care—haha) the history behind it but the fact is that a train is right in front of us. And for my Thomas the train fanatic toddler, that is a BIG deal.

I was so happy we attended the party. It was the first time Jared actually sat in one of the kiddie chairs in front. He even raised his hand, no he raised two hands, to volunteer for one game.

I'm looking forward to the other parties we've been invited to this summer.

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Chie Vallesteros said...

Train!!!! :) Matutuwa rin si Lucas jan sis. Kaya lang ang layo rin sa amin ng Marikina. But will take note of that "attraction" there.

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