March is Here

March is my birthday month and this year is (in as much as I hate to admit it) my 34th year in existence.

This year is...

my 4th year of being a mother

my 5th as a wife

my 27th year as a sister

and my 34th as a daughter

as a mom, i'm still learning everyday

a wife, i'm doing my best to maintain a household, care for a husband (who thankfully doesn't demand much) and fire the flame so to speak

as a sister, i think i'm doing an "awesome" job (awesome is a word jared uses freely these days,too)

as a daughter, i don't think i've given my mother more lines or wrinkles than normal =)

Come to think of it, my life over all is so lacking in drama that I sometimes "invent" drama in my life for it to be exciting! But that doesn't mean I love my life any less. Or is less thankful than I should be. I am. Very. And it's more evident now that I can post or update my status on Fb thru mobile (thanks to my samsung phone--cheap but let's me check the latest gossip at FB). In recent updates I said Grateful.Loved, Happy. And what is probably the most number of responses from friends ever in my FB history-- I am just really happy.

I am happy.period. And I'll take my drama-less life anyday over a telenovela life.

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