From the mouth of a 2 year old

Some posts so I'll remember this time of utter cuteness.

Jared: Mama, spell Yoya Yeye (while holding a Yale lock)
Mama (his lola): okay, spell it
Jared: Yeye. Y-A-L-E (but he knows how to spell Yeye ha)

* * *
Mommy mad at Jared

Mommy: Jared, pls listen to me. You want mommy to get mad?
Jared: Mommy (tapping my chin) it's not funny. Happy face, mommy.

* * *

While watching Mag Edgar (our go-to all around guy)climb our make shift ladder up the ceiling, disappearing into the darkness

Jared: (panicking) Mang Edgar, are you there?
Mang Eddddddgarrrrrrrr!!!!

* * *

Mommy: Jared, you think mommy is pretty?
(I taught him to say "Of Course" to this question

Jared: Awesome (hmm, doesn't seem related)

* * *
Jared eating a cube of cheese while watching his dvd

Jared: Mommy, wiwi
Mommy: Okay, come let's go to the rest room

Jared gently lays his cheese down on the floor

Jared: Wait cheese ha

Mommy picks up the cheese and plops in into her mouth before she goes to the rest room

Jared (after wiwi) goes back to the spot where he left his cheese.
Jared: where's cheese?

Mommy smiles

* * *
Happy weekend!!!


Madam Misis Mummy said...

hahahaha.so funny ni jared. im sure di ka mauubusan ng stories to blog about

Got to Believe said...


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