Wanted: Perfect Pedia

Inspired by Maqui’s post on finding and welcoming pediatrician Dra. Vienne Saulog into their lives, here I am hoping we’ll have the same fate.

My dream pediatrician is still elusive for me. I have this set of requirements in my mind. Moms reading this will surely have their own criteria. And for sure they will agree that you need a doctor you can trust. After all, you're entrusting your child practically into their hands.

Since the search is getting to be time consuming and disheartening at times, I am including finding one in my nightly prayer from now on.

So, that said, presenting the pediatrician of my dreams:

1. Clinic Hours. Sickness, health concerns and accidents (knock on wood) knows no time and day. Ideally, our pedia should have a clinic on weekdays(when we want to avoid crowds and lines) and weekends (when we can’t get away from the office on weekdays)
2. Must be affiliated with the health card that baby has. Medical care is expensive and since this is a benefit from hubby’s office, we’d like to take advantage of this and not have to pay for consultation fee (usually P300-P600) per visit.
3. Age. Must not be too young, nor too old- we want someone with some experience, and someone updated with the latest medical trends etc.
4. Hospital Affiliation. Should be affiliated with Asian Hospital- this is the nearest reputable hospital to us, we run here for emergencies. In my case, I am open to going to other hospitals, but my main consideration is since it’s a hospital, it MUST be clean.
5. Traits. Should show compassion and warmth towards my child when we go for check ups and be an authority on kids.
6. Accessibility. Can be reached by text. I know it must be a hassle having parents or mothers specifically ring or text them for the most mundance concerns. But we are mothers and are wired that way. As a doctor, I’d expect they know that those texts and calls come with the job.
7. Familiarity. I’d like for the pedia to at least review my son’s charts before we enter the room for consulation and not act or appear as if it’s the first time they’ve seen us.
8. Time. Hopefully, we'll have a doctor who is considerate of his or her patient's time. Someone who will be at the clinic on time or at least will advise their secretary on what time they will be arriving (they are busy people I know), someone who will allot time to look at patients thoroughly. Ask questions, explain in detaila nd not look as if they are waiting to push you out of the door. There is no better way to get pissed on a weekend that to spend half a day waiting for your turn at the clinic only to be seen at 3 minutes, tops.
9. Looks. While not looking for an ultimately handsome or pretty pedia, I'd like our pedia to be presentable looking. This may be a shallow requirement for some but hey, I'd like my son's doctor to look like well, a doctor.

So pedia, dear pedia, where art thou pedia?

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