Life's Journey with my perfume

I relate significant moments in my life with my perfume of that moment. I can vividly remember the details of a particular event, almost as much as I can smell the perfume I was wearing that day.

The giddiness of young love I relate to Benetton's Tribu, my chosen scent in college. I think it's what you call a bit musky.

During the early years of my career, i shifted to a vanilla scented spray--something I love till now. It's light and sweet and yummy smelling. I alternately use the cologne with Hugo Boss' Woman especially when I want to feel more confident, like during job interviews.

On my wedding day, I aptly chose a perfume that would best describe what I felt at that moment. I sprayed on True Love by Elizabeth Arden.

For the past year though, I am loyal to Rockin Rio by Escada. It's not cloyingly sweet, not powdery-smelling. Just the right scent for me.

How about you, what is your scent? Check out what suits you best here.

Now, here is a picture of my perfume of the moment, together with some of my everyday beauty essentials.

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