Love Teddy

I'm sure all kids have their favorite toys. For this post, let me share my son's beloved teddy. Teddy was gift from his christening. He is actually part of a set, him being "teddy" and the other one being "sunny", a similar looking teddy bear, but a bit more plump and says "peek-a-boo, i see you" when his tummy is pressed. Teddy on the other hand somewhat resembles the infamous teddy of Mr. Bean.

Jared has loads of toys, some he'll play with for 5 minutes while the others would not merit even a glance(I'd like to think he'll develop a longer interest in his other toys soon). Given a chance to rummage his toy basket though, he'll pick either teddy or sunny out from the entire lot and hug them like a baby.

I'm looking for other photos of my son with his beloved toy but for now, I'm posting these two.

Have a happy Monday!


Beth said...

Hi Les,
I'm back! And paying you a visit agad!

My kids love stuffed toys too pero bawal sa knila esp ke Gabby because of asthma. But I still keep their Teddies so when they grow older and mejo less asthma attacks na, they can play with them or even just sleep while hugging them. :)

Take care!

Hazel said...

They are both adorable :-) I especially love looking at his hands holding his teddy. It's shows comfort and cuteness.

I enjoy visiting your blog. If I may, I want to pass an award to you - One Lovely Blog Award. It's up on my blog. Thanks.

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