Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

As an excited mom, I try to capture all the milestones in my son's life, hence a camera is a staple inside by big and heavy bags. But for his first birthday, I wanted a portait session taken a few weeks before so I can use the photos for some of his birthday materials.

These series of photos were taken by Ging Lorenzo one cloudy day in March at Harbour Square at the Manila Bay. We were dressed according to the birthday theme of son which was nautical.

Just posting this made me realize how I miss planning a party. Maybe, we can have a tiny, tiny birthday party for the boy's 2nd birthday?

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Chris said...

great shots!!!!

i have an award for you http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/06/old-and-new-treasures.html

Beth said...

wow, hilig nyo talga magpapix! sana professional photographer na din ako para take ko lagi pics nyo.

you're one happy and goodlooking family! :)

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