Dreaming of Halong Bay

On a flight back to Manila back in July 2007, I was reading the in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific, checking the next place we can go to for a vacation. I was staring long and hard on one page and ear-marked Halong Bay, Vietnam as our next destination as a couple. The placed sounded far-away, dreamy and rustic. I pictured it to be the setting of some movie a la Lord of the Rings, complete with the fog at dawn. Exactly what a romantic travel adventure is made of.

Imagine my disappointment when I learned, less than a week after we arrived, that husband will be going to Halong Bay.

Alone. Without me. Leaving me.

He was being sent to attend a business trip the next week.

So, until now, the romantic getaway in Halong Bay remains an elusive dream.

on a good note, we first learned I was pregnant when hubby arrived from that trip so even if Halong Bay remains an elusive dream for me until now, the mention of the place brings a little smile to my face

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Beth said...

I think nabasa ko din to sa inflight mag ng Cebu Pacific last year, and mukhang mganda nga. Di bale, me reasons palagi why things happen. :) Almost always, good reasons. Ingat lagi, Les!

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