Independence Day 2009

To celebrate Independence Day this year, I did two things. First, I bought a small flag to be displayed at the house. This is what Jared is holding in the photo. We even had a mini-flag ceremony this morning where we sang the national anthem and taught him to place his hand on his chest (which he did not follow btw).

The second thing I did is to sign up for Ako Mismo. I got intrigued by their TV ad, enough to prompt me to visit their site. From their website: "Simulan mo ang pagkilos mula sa muling pagbangon ng Pilipinas".

I like how it works, you sign up for your own commitment on what you can do to help our country.

And with my commitment, along with the commitment of 174,142 Filipinos (as of the time I registered), I truly hope our country's future will indeed be brighter.

Ako mismo, papalakihin kong may mabuting asal ang anak ko.

Happy Independence Day!

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