Mommy Moments: Time out with Friends

You know that feeling when you meet certain people that you're going to be friends with them... for life? I did not get that feeling when I met these people.

But through years of shared experiences-- being with each other through cramming, skipping classes, drinking sessions,more drinking sessions, out of town trips, "pulubi" days (when all you have in your wallet is enough money to get you home), breakups and heartaches, sickness, promotions, new jobs, babies, coffee breaks, disco dancing (ages ago), karaoke nights, wedding preparations, charades, pigging out, and all the joyful moments in between, you see each others quirks and misgvings, understand them, accept them and actually come to love them.

These are my lifelong friends and I consider myself lucky to be theirs.

Aileen, Cathy,Ethel and Marisse--my college buddies

Marielle, Claire, Peachy, Menchu, Rodel, Grace -- my CTSI friends

GroUPm8s--Sherwin and I belong to this group whom we met as masteral students at UP Manila. I hold a special place for them as my then boyfriend,now my husband, proposed in front of them during our Christmas party a few years ago.

This is my entry for Mommy Moments this week which is Time Out with Friends


Chris said...

wow! you are blessed to have great friends all these years!

thanks for joining us!

mai ryza said...

I don't really expect a perfect wedding...what matters most are our exchange of vows, family and friends to celebrate with us, and most importantly, me to be the most beautiful princess!


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