Future Star?

My baby, a star?

Every parent dreams that one day, his child will be somebody. Somebody famous, somebody well-off, somebody powerful. Me, I'll be content when my baby grows up to be somebody with a good heart.

As soon as we knew there is a little baby growing inside my tummy, he became the star of our lives. Whatever I do, or eat, I go back to thinking if it will be ultimately good for him. We avoided big crowds and smoke-filled places, because we want our baby to have the best and healthiest start in life.

When he was born, our lives revolved around him. He is our sunshine, our joy, our precious star.

That's why I am tickled whenever I look at this newspaper clipping and magazine page where Jared is featured. Our star already secured his place in front of the cameras!

Below, we are featured on the Manila Bulletin's October 12, 2008 issue (lifestyle section). They did a feature on Mommy Milkshake Marathon held a few months back.
As young as he was (just around 3-4 months old that time), I wanted us to go out and participate in this fun run in support of breastfeeding. I am proud to say that at 14 months, he is still breastfed (he drank mommy's milk for the fist 10 months of his life--not a drop of formula).

His next exposure was on the January 2009 issue of Baby Magazine where his picture was used to accompany one of the articles. The Stork Studio took great photos of Jared when he ws 6 months old, and they were contributors to the magazine. Jared's pic was one of the published photos of Stan and Ia's great tandem.

He is on the right side, top photo

But magazine, or no magazine (exposure, that is), our baby is and will forever be a star to us.

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