The mini laptop of my dreams

Since reading about the HP mini Vivienne Tam limited edition, I was dreaming of having one. I know it is a "want" at this stage, something we can't buy as we still have things around the house to fix before we can move, but I can dream, can't I?

By the afternoon, I was blabbering about how cute this item was to my sister when Mama overheard us. She volunteered to get us the mini laptop! I was happy, no happy will be an understatement. Make that giddy!

We dressed Jared as fast as we can and headed to MOA again (again because we were there in the morning, too. See my previous post for our morning at MOA). As soon as we parked, I felt my heart singing. I have never wanted a tech gadget as such as this one--for as long as I can remember.

Going around the stores though, my heart got heavier and heavier as they keep telling us the same thing-- "no more stock". The sales people also keep on telling me that the specs of the minis they have available are actually better than what I was looking for, and that the limited edition was really just for show. Oh, but the reason why I want, want it is because of the design. A fiery red with a dainty, painted pattern. It's so me.

I was not ready to give up the search so we went to every pc store in the north wing. But the dream probably is not mine to be had, after all. After making sure no such item is really available, we settled for an Acer mini notebook. It doesn't have flowers on it, but it is red, and the specs really is better.

Now, my sister and I do not have to open our big laptops to blog, or post on multiply. We have this mini, dandy, and cute laptop, just a bit bigger than my wallet!

Thanks, Ma!

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Beth said...

Hi les,
so sweet of your mom to buy you that! Love niya talaga kyo ni Che.

Ako din gusto ko laptop pero sympre, not now. Dream pa muna yun! :)

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