Love is Sweet: Wedding Dessert Buffet

For our first wedding godchildren, Angel and Joel, my gift was this dessert buffet. Truly a labor of love!

Okay, confession time: I did not make all of it, that is impractical and impossible =) I am also the wedding ninang (godparent) after all and I need to prettify myself, too.

So, what is one to do with limited time but with all the good intentions? Plan.

And plan I did.

Here's what's included in the dessert buffet.

Mary Grace Cafe brownies and chocolate cake, my own red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on the side, mini chocolate and vanilla parfait, home-baked coconut macaroons, white merengue (which sadly melted even before the party started).

The individual desserts were accompanied with their own food labels, but the entire dessert buffet table carried the "Love is Sweet, have a treat" sign, printed in black and white and placed in an old frame. The chocolate cake has its own mini bunting decor.

In the entry way, this second sign adorned the gift table. It enjoins the guests to get a card and write their advice to the couple.

On the wedding day itself, I woke up not knowing how to prepare and use the mini glasses I bought. It was a humid day and anything with frosting, and icing or shipped cream will surely melt. Mixing the vanilla-flavored jello with a little fresh milk, i got the cheesecake like consistency I wanted. Then, I simply layered that with crushed graham crackers and another layer of jello, chocolate flavored this time. The result is this adorable sweetness in a mini glass! I was done in less than 30 minutes for all 30 glasses.  The food label adds the right touch of elegance.

This is one of the easiest DIYs I've made. Cut a washi tape to length, wrap around the top part of a toothpick. Cut to resemble a flaglet and stick to brownies and cupcakes. This added a touch of black and white to the table. The couple chose a modern and elegant black and white theme.

I love weddings!

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