Chooze Shoes for Summer

An unfortunate event turns out to something wonderful. Is this what you call serendipity?

One weekend, during a routine visit to a mall based clinic, the doctor unfortunately was already on vacation. With time in our hands, I went to a few stores looking for comfortable summer shoes for our soon to be 5 year old. He had already declined a pair of Tom's with the skull design I find so adorable.

While checking the window display of our fave kiddie stores (Jared, here's a little trivia: one of your mom's dream job is to be a store window display designer), I was intrigued by this display.

Hmmm, nice design. Love the robots! I am in love with the robot theme for Mossimo this season but the sizes are mostly for toddlers which is just too bad for us.

What made it stand out was the complementary design, each shoe is a tad different from the other!

What's important though, aside from the fact the salesperson said Angeline Jolie's kids wear the brand ( hahaha, I'm a sucker for sales stories like this), is that it's so easy to put on ( slip on design) and the soles are so comfortable but the cloth part so sturdy looking, that I felt it is a match to the rumble and tumble it will get from an active boy.

After checking ebay and amazon for the price, and seeing it is surprisingly sold higher at amazon, I went ahead and bought the pair.

Now, my son happily wears them, both in and out of the house.

Looking forward to taking this pair of shoes everywhere this summer!!

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