Where we ate in Tagaytay: Bon Giorno

After we bid Taal Vista Hotel bye-bye after our short but memorable stay , our tummies told us it was time for lunch. The boy was clamoring for ice cream. As a parent, I know lunch should come first before dessert, but in this heat, I can't really blame him.

So we googled for ice cream places in Tagaytay and it lead us to Fruits in Ice Cream at the charming Cliffhouse in Tagaytay.

The heat was really unbearable, even in Tagaytay, so before I said yes to the ice cream craving, I made sure there was a restaurant within the vicinity where we can also eat a proper lunch. Good thing, Bon Giorno was just beside it.

It was ago!

Quaint little shop

Hard decisions for a 5 year old =) Hmm, what flavor to choose.


This is the courtyard between FIC and Platito. A nice place to hang out at night when the weather is more friendly.

Now that the dessert part is over, we go back to lunch. Bon Giorno is not air-conditioned so its a bit hot

We were given this cozy corner booth.

The hungry family ordered:
Spaghetti Vongole for mom

Pizza for daddy

Spaghetti and chicken fingers for the boy

It seemed like too much food, but we wiped this out in no time. Our drinks of choice were tarragon tea for mom (a new find and at just P60 per teapot!) and a tall glass of pineapple shake for the dad at P120.

Good food! We'll be back when the weather gets cooler.

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