The Members of the Wedding Entourage

At a wedding last year, the three of us had special roles in the entourage. It was the first time the daddy and I were asked to be wedding sponsors, and the little boy, a veteran entourage member of probably 8 weddings to date, was a coin bearer.

You could just imagine the chaos in the house the night before when I was preparing our things, and on the date itself. I also need to mention that I volunteered to help the bride in some of the materials to personalize the wedding, as well as prepare the dessert buffet on the wedding day. Imagine that. =)

The dad was in charge of prepping the boy when we arrived at the church. It was a 3 pm wedding, but no matter how airy Nature's Church is, our boy is sure to sweat profusely so he just wore the black pants and the long sleeves inner shirt and only donned the jacket when we arrived at the church, which is just 5 minutes away from the house.

Some attempts at having a decent family picture.

No luck though. I wished the photographers were already present this time.

Then it was time to wait for the processional march. And the boy patiently waited...
The bride arrived and we were finally able to start. Our turn first.

Then the little boy who took little, robotic steps because the "manang" at the church asked the kids to walk slowly.
Taking his place at the pews.
Pawis but still pogi =)
During the mass, he found playmates.
 And before we know it, it was time for the groom to kiss the bride. =)

And then it was time for the pictures. Jared's default is the wacky pose/face. Look at him here hamming it up for the cam when everyone else was "formal"

After being told wacky shots will be for later.

The couple with their wedding sponsors.

It was a beautiful wedding and we're glad to have been part of it. After all the speeches were made, and people were preparing to go home, I also started keeping the empty plates and trays I brought for the dessert buffet. The father and son meanwhile went to the photobooth area.

I was surprised to see on FB that the little boy joined in almost all of the group's photobooth souvenir pics. Really, the wacky one!

Weddings are love.


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