I'm a Glossy Girl: My skincare and makeup routine

I love kikay blogs. I've been following Divasoria's Glossy Girls feature for what seems like forever and I read and savor each one. It is my ultimate kikay dream to be featured, but seeing how that is close to impossible, I am being proactive and will just feature myself as a Glossy Girl on this blog. This is this glossy girl wannabe's favorite beauty products.

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Hi, this is Leslie and my work can range from glam to dirty- depending on the project. Will talk about my quirky work here soon but today, I'll share the products that deserve permanent space in my bag, or shelf.

I'm now 35, a late bloomer in proper skin care and make up. I've been buying makeup for a long time, but the top merits go to the cute packaging, not what it can do for my skin. It was only fairly recently when I learned to apply basic make up properly, thanks to a lesson at Suesh. I've been a beach lover and have been known for coming back to Manila ultimately blackened from a few days at the beach.

I left the ultimate fave, my Avon Anew Advance skin care set at a hotel during my last trip so while waiting for someone to hand carry it back, all that is left is this eye cream which I'm trying to religiously apply. Yes, my skin care is for mature women, 50 and up. This is my way of atonement-- for neglecting my skin for so long. That set has a foaming facial wash and night and day creams aside from the eye cream.

I also know the 3 essential steps are cleanse, tone and moisturize but have not bought a replacement yet of the only toner I liked. Some we stingy while the others were too mild I felt they don't do anything. Healthy Options' witch hazel toner is just right for me-- not just a fan of how it smells, but that I can take.

I don't own a foundation. I like tinted moisturizers better as base, until I noticed I looked darker in pictures. Upon the commendation of a friend, I turned to BB creams. My friend recommended Tony Moly, I just haven't bought it yet. Maybe I will after I finish this bottle of Body Shop's moisture white shiso bb serum. I love that it has SPF 25 already. This one you have to spread at once when you apply on your face.

Going the more natural route, these are my favorite Human Nature products. The baby wash with rosemary, lavender and chamomile is a delicious and relaxing way to end the day while the oil version I use to soften the hard callous on my feet and the dry ends of my hair at night. The sunflower oil I use to remove my make up. It takes the eyeliner and eyebrow powder off in 1to 2 wipes.

I used to go out bare- faced during weekends. Now, if I have only have 5 minutes to get ready, I still squeeze in fixing my brows. It makes a lot of difference! I rely on a local brand. Fanny Serrano's eyebrow kit was a lunch break mall find. I've been loyal ever since. For days when I want more defined eyes, especially when I know there will be picture-taking, I line my eyes with 2 other local brands: Ever Bilena and Fashion21. I am waiting though for the delivery of my first gel eyeliner.

I used to be a lotion girl. When I got pregnant though, the slightest smells are so repulsive to my sensitive nose that I stopped using lotion and perfume altogether. But pregnancy made my skin dry so I'm using the oil from human nature after bath, while skin is still damp, to provide the much needed moisture. To this day, I prefer oil over lotion.

I love getting body washes as gifts because I really do get to use them all. What I use depends on my mood for the day. The apple and lime Face Shop body wash is a great energizer. I use that on Mondays. The Bath and Body Works' Enchanted Garden is for nighttime use while I alternate Nivea's rain shower bath gel in apricot with HN's Baby Wash on most days. I also like St. Ives' 3 butter body wash. The smell is yummy!!!!

For shampoo, I like Pantene the best but Sunsilk in the pink bottle gives my hair a smell so good I want to keep using it. I have to alternate with these new finds: the Body Shop's ginger shampoo and Human Nature's natural shampoo with creme foam when my scalp starts to get itchy. Cream silk is my go-to conditioner but I used up my last bottle before I can take a picture.

Ironically, I don't own a brush or a comb. My hair literally is wash and wear :) But the product I can't live without now is this Olay Xpro facial brush. I've been eyeing the Clarisonic for months but can't seem to justify the $120 tag on its cheapest model. At $18.00, this works wonderfully for me.
I wash my face at night with the Olay wash that came free with the brush while I use Garnier scrub in the mornings as a pick me upper.

Go get an Olay Xpro brush!

On most days, I apply make up while on my way to work. When traffic is bad, I have time to apply eyeshadow and curl my lashes. I was given a Bobby Brown smoke eye palette ( also in my kikay kit left at the hotel) which I use even during daytime. I alternate with this neutral cream palette from Revlon and this quad from NYX. Thankfully, my eyelashes are long but the downside is, they are straight so I use this Nichido curler, no complaints as it does the job. When a blow dryer is available, I warm the eye curler for a few seconds to make the curl last longer. I don't have a current mascara but I prefer the clear ones-- I feel like a witch with heavy mascaras.

For everyday blush, I usually use Benefit's lip and cheek tint but since my full sized bottle is again also in my kikay kit, I had to buy an alternative. Thanks to a thorough search on drugstore dupes for more popular brands, I got this Elf blush in tickled pink which they said was a dupe for the widely popular Nars blush in Orgasm.

For lips, my heart, err my lips belong to one shade: Mac's Plumful. I while away the time at airports during layovers at the bookstore and the makeup counters (my layovers are usually 4 hours) and it is just fortunate Mac lipsticks there are almost p400 cheaper than here in Manila.

Aside from Plumful, currently in my bag are Glamourdaze from their Holiday collection, and Viva Glam I. I tried Ruby Red but the color is scary on me so I got this red instead. I just never had the opportunity yet to wear it on its own. Always layered over a more neutral shade. If my Mac runs out, I'm just as happy with NYX lipsticks.

L-R: Mac Glamourdaze, NYX Color lip balm, Mac Viva Glam I, Mac Plumful

I am adding more drugstore brands in my makeup kit like an eyelid primer from elf and a bronzer.

Before I go out, I also spritz on this Burberry Body fragrance.

That sums up my Glossy Girl feature on myself. Dream realized! :)

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Anonymous said...

Elf and NYX are also staples in my make-up kit. Oh and the Human Nature beauty oil!

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