5th Birthday: The Tagaytay Trip

With our birthdays being only a week apart, and me never really having the need to celebrate big time, we sort of always celebrate our birthdays together.

This one is no different. We wanted to "get away" but not go somewhere far. At least not something that involves a plane ride. Tagaytay is the logical answer, being only an hour away from our place.

The excited family that we are (and to avoid traveling around noon where the sun is really unbearable), we arrived in Tagaytay a full 4 hours before the check-in time.

Our first destination was the Lourdes Church to say a prayer of thanksgiving.

At the Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Tagaytay

Outside the church gate, stalls were selling the most luscious looking avocados. Too bad we forgot to stop here on our way home.

After church, and still too early, we spent some time at Starbucks.
Ah, look who's with us?

Who's afraid of color? Definitely not us =)

We checked in at Taal Vista Hotel. Thank you, Dealgrocer for the really good deal on this. I had our room upgraded to their Premier Lake View Room.

Our room was big and comfortable

 And gave us this spectacular view of the lake.

The major reason why I booked here is this garden. If I must say this again, there is not enough patch of green in the metro! I wanted our son to just be able to run and run, and play and explore. And explore he did.

When I saw my son running in this garden, trying to make friends among the sets of siblings we saw, I said a little prayer he'll have one of his own soon.

Enjoyed the pool (well they did, it was too cold for me)

We also (tried ) taking souvenir shots.

The only decent solo picture of me on this trip... well not exactly solo. Look who's in the background!

Stayed a little while at the lobby to refresh a bit. They gave us complimentary welcome drinks. 
Love this patterned green chair at the lobby!!!

Pretended to be explorers!

Look at the volcano, dad!

Fooled around and just enjoyed the breeze!

I had packed for the heat of the summer weather. Mostly shorts and sleeveless tops for me and sando for Jared. The afternoon gave us the much-needed breeze but oh, once the sun set, the weather turned too cool for me (should be pleasantly cool for most folks).

It was indeed a happy birthday for us.

We ate a lot on this trip too. Will make separate posts on them.

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