To us adults, 5 is nothing. But to my boy, our bright light in this world, 5 is everything!

To him, 5 means he's not a baby, but a kid (even sometimes referring to himself as an adult).

From a teeny 5.2 pounder baby, all skin and bones, where my efforts at eating all the beef and other protein my tummy can take didn't make him bigger inside my body, to being a hefty 55 lbs  as he turned 5 years old.

From a boy who used to be attached to me to feed until I cry of frustration and exhaustion, to a boy starting to seek his independence by asking to sleep on his bed (which I also cry about).

From a bundle of joy we coo and stare at all day, to someone  who we can hold long conversations with.

From the one who I hummed to and carried whenever he cries, to one who comforts me today and says" mom, it's alright".

We love you with all our hearts. Happy 5th birthday, baby!

A series of posts on how he celebrated his birthday will follow.

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