So I won't forget a moment...

I open, read and answer a ton of emails over the week. I work anywhere from 8 hours (minimum) to 13 hours, 5 days a week (and sometimes, on weekends, too!).

I pend weeks working on a promotion or months on a rebranding.

I usually have 6 windows on my laptop open, and each is a different project.

Life at work is busy, busy, busy.

I figured, if I can do all those, then maybe I have a few minutes to document our everyday life. I chose to do this online ( no more lost notes, or diaries!). This blog is my sanctuary, my happy place. I go here to re-read old posts, to smile when stress threatens to overtake my being, to hopefully capture who my son is at different stages of his life, and how he means the world to us.

With the busy-ness of everyday life, and the demands of the many roles I play, it is a challenge to keep up with all the documentation, the picture editing, the writing.

But I continue to blog for very personal, selfish and self-serving reasons.

I blog so I won't ever forget a moment.

Like this boy, all of 5.2 pounds 5 years ago, and now a hefty 55 pounder kid.

And as morbid as it may sound, this blog is my way to my son after I pass on. On how we lived our life, how we are as parents, how I view things while he was growing up.

And hopefully, someday, no matter how trivial the things I write here are, he can use snippets of my advice, my musings as parent as he nurtures a family of his own.

That will make the time I spend writing and composing drafts ( time that should've been spent  sleeping), of editing images, of looking silly trying to capture every move, writing down each funny word worthwhile.

It's just a bonus if in the course of my documenting, that someday this blog may be useful probably to a new mother full of anxious thoughts looking some reassurance, or a working mom battling with guilt leaving her son or daughter behind.

This is just my 500th post, not even two year's worth of our life. While most of our stories are kept in my heart and head, I will still try my best to tell the stories. Here, on my blog.

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