5th Birthday: Road Trip

His real birthday was low key unlike in 2011 in Boracay and 2012 in Hong Kong when we celebrated with a big trips. Dad and mom took the day off to be with our 5 year old, but there are pressing errands that we need to do.

First, we woke up the boy with this banner, balloons left over from my birthday a week ago, and 5 yummy donuts!

This made his day. I agreed to him eating donuts for breakfast and he opened his first gift of the day (actually a Christmas gift that I kept).


Since our day started later than planned, we just dropped by our parish to whisper words of prayer.

 Then, it was time for the tour. We toured the Metro on Jared's 5th!

First stop: pick up some documents at Makati.

Next: Go to Mandaluyong

3rd: Lunch at Festival Mall

It was supposed to be quiet lunch: just the three of us. But the receptionist overheard me and Jared talking about his birthday which she confirmed to me when she was taking our order.

He was shy and reluctant at first to blow the candle. I wish I had captured that priceless expression on his face when the piped in music began playing the Happy Birthday song. And his eyes got wider when the restaurant staff went to our table bearing a small cup of ice cream topped with a candle.

Surprise, surprise!


Thanks to the staff of Don Henrico's at Festival Mall, Alabang. You made a simple lunch very special.

He also enjoyed 3 rides in his favorite race track in the metro.

After lunch and still high from his surprise,we went to the Las Pinas City Hall.

As a treat, we went to the toy store so he can choose his gift. We always give him a budget and thankfully, he always agrees to it (not knowing the value of the peso so much). I have never bought him a toy gun before, or allowed a toy gun in the house-- but this water blaster is such a magnet for the boy and I can't say no....

I felt a bit guilty having to drag him to all our errands. But he said " I love you mom and dad" at the end of the day with so much sincerity that maybe, the only thing that mattered to him is being together.

Last installment in this birthday series coming up: Tagaytay weekend

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