5th Birthday: School Party

In the Philippines, school ends usually by mid-March. The boy really wanted to celebrate his birthday at school. But those 2 weeks in March is usually reserved for exams and programs. What do we do, what do we do as parents of an over-eager 5 year old beaver?

We talked to Teacher and we agreed on March 1. Never mind that it is a full month before his actual birthday. To him, he now has 2 birthdays and isn't that better than having just one? =)

Still in his Angry Birds phase, I was looking for a unique invitation. Came up with boxed invites, inspired by a DIY I did last Vday (which I have not posted yet).

This came out cute and the kids loved the "bird treats" inside.

One the day of the party, here he is waiting for teacher to arrive. He's holding some of the loot bag content. Anxious and excited you can see it in his face!

There was no time for games and I had to be content with having the boy blow his little Red Ribbon cake, distributing the snack packs . and preparing the loot bags for distribution.

The loot baskets were small but were chosen because they looked like an egg: perfect for the angry birds there! We also distributed coloring books, stickers, their party hats and a happy meal toy.

Doesn't cost much to make the kids happy.

The boy got to blow his cake candle in school, a first!

 They seemed very happy with their happy meal toy, loot bag and coloring materials.

Then, they started playing. It was a riot. This was our cue to leave (hehehe).

Before we sneaked out of the room, I requested for the group shot.

Happy Birthday again, little boy!

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