My Medela Freestyle

Since my recent post was about my sucess on breastfeeding, I want to give credit where credit is due. I will talk about my partner in giving sustenance to my baby. This post will be about my Medela Freestyle.

Before I gave birth, I had an Avent manual pump bought in the US where it is cheaper. It served me well for a few months, since I went to work after my maternity leave. I was able to pump 4oz per 20 minute session, but boy was it tiring! My hands will feel numb after and I could feel the energy draining out of me after every pumping session.

I said to myslef if I wanted to sustain breastfeeding my baby, I had to look for a better pump, something that would let me pump at a shorter period of time, less the strain on my hands.

After reading numerous reviews of pumps on Amazon, my heart was set on getting the Medela Freestyle. It was the lightest pump at that time and one that could be recharged like a cellphone.

It was something that we needed to think about many times over though. It was an investment, the amount was significant enough to make me think twice about getting it. In the end though, I justified the expense by thinking that my son deserves the best food there is for him, my milk. So we went ahead and ordered it from a local multiply seller.

The verdict? I love it! I cut down my pumping time to half. 4 to 5 oz at under 10 minutes. I get out of each pumping session still with energy to work and do stuff. It is actually hands-free if you buy the proper bra for it, but me, I didn' want to spend for that anymore and the contraptions was just too much for me so I just hold both with one hand while my other hand is free to text, or turn the pages of a magazine.

As for the sound, I couldn't say it's quiet since it does make some sound but it is something I can bear. Have no way to compare it though since this is the only electric pump I have ever used.

Cleaning is easy and comvenient. My only complaint is that I had to change the phlanges after 7 months of continuous use. There was a big tear that prevented a good suction. Ordering a replacement is easy from a Medela mom.

It comes with a black bag. Simple and no frills. Plus, you can use it by plugging it on or charge it beforehand. Our travel time to and from the office is a minimum of one hour so I use that time to pump in the car-- a definite plus for me.

Computing the cost of formula, the pump has paid for itself already in 4 months time.

Now, that is a good investment.

Picture above shows my everyday pumping essentials: my Medela Freestyle and my handy cooler

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AEC said...

yes! I love my freestyle too, to think na I'm a SAHM and I'm not away most of the time. But the rare times I've had to be out of the house the whole day, the freestyle is a god-send indeed. I got mine from addalittlelove in the US kaya it was even cheaper than some PISAs sold online. :)

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